What a delight it was to have BLUE DRAGONFLYS on our head and arms at a beautiful river in Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia.

Ravenshoe is the highest town in Queensland at 930 metres above sea level. I’ve heard that the Indigenous Australians of the Ravenshoe district are the Jirrbal people who speak a dialect of the Dyirbal language.

Ravenshoe is a small little town with very few shops in it. We stayed at my dear friend Krishna’s place, and just behind his place is a spectacular river.

We spent most of one day in this amazing spot swimming, ate a picnic and then fishing. In this below picture you can see how the water rushes down into a few different little water pools. We swam up this and sat in the different water pools. It was here that the blue dragonflys decided to join us.

perfect fishing spot at ravenshoeAs we travelled up stream we discovered some amazing fishing holes. We had no bait with us. We had no fishing rod. We did have hooks, sinkers and a hand line.

We caught grasshoppers and insects as the bait for the little fish…. we made a rod from the branch of a tree and tied the line and a small hook to it. When we caught a little fish it was used as bait to catch a bigger fish.

It was pure bliss in this heavenly spot. I mean, can you see how beautiful it is? Imagine being there yourself one day!

Someone caught an EEL there too! I had it on my line and boy oh boy it was heavy! People do eat eel, but this one was lucky and was put back into the water. Supposedly there’s a bit of preparation with an eel.

By the way – I’m not all that used to fishing – but with each experience I’m learning. I could confidently catch a small fish now – but the big ones – well, geepers, I’m not sure how to handle them yet. And certainly would (try not to) freak if I caught an eel while fishing by myself! Lol. More things to learn.

Ah, just down the road from Ravenshoe is the amazing INNOT HOT SPRINGS where hot water comes from underground making it a very relaxing deeply warming place to relax.

The world is filled with so many spectacular places!