I was honoured to experience this very sweet moment with a few wallabies who joined my camp one day. It was Mother’s Day and my daughter, who was not in the near vicinity sent me a great text message, “Happy Mother’s Day you awesome woman! Spoil yourself for me today!”.

wallaby australia

Soon after I was joined by a beautiful Mother Wallaby – which was such a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Here she is with baby’s head poking out to see what’s going on.

My friend Jack, in Cooktown, taught me how much Wallabies looooove eating slices of sweet potato so I scurried about trying to located the one sweet potato I was carrying around for exactly that reason.

Much to my delight she took it directly from my hand over and over again. It was quite tricky balancing the camera in one hand and watching the Wallaby’s teeth as she gently took the slice of sweet potato.

She looked so sweet I really wanted to reach over and pet her…. but I held back. This is a wild animal and they’re just not used to a pet by a human.

wallaby with potato

A few other wallabies came over after the first one. After we ran out of sweet potato I sliced up some regular potato and much to my surprise they enjoyed that too!

Yet, not surprising, the more wallabies the more likely there will be some growing and hissing over the food.


These pictures were taken in the Northern Territory of Australia where there hasn’t been a wet season in 3 years – hence the scenery is very dry and there’s not much water about.

australian bush wallaby with sweet potato

Wallabies in Northern Territory, Australia. A precious moment!