I started my journey to North Australia feeling hope in my heart to find a Medicine Man who would heal the hypothyroidism that was making me feel sluggish. (If you read one my earlier blog postings you would have seen that I first started with “hypo”)

I’ve heard stories of great healers in different cultures. The first healing modality I was introduced to is the Japanese using Ki in martial arts and the Chinese with their healing power using Chi (universal life force energy). There are interesting videos on youtube of martial art masters projecting great amounts of energy – enough to move objects or push people from a distance.

The second time I heard about healing powers was when I became a Reiki Healer and Teacher – a method from Japan.

And then I heard of African shamans who could perform great feats people often refer to as magic.

I heard so many stories, but nothing I felt or saw was anything close to these stories. I certainly couldn’t accomplish any such amazing feats.

Where could I find the power that I knew in my heart was true?

The answer… go to the Indigenous people… and since I’m here in Australia… I travelled North.

A dear friend of mine gave me the name of a famous medicine man and said that I would be in good hands – that they would take care of me there. I only had 2 names of people up North. One fair skinned Aussie man and one Indigenous medicine man. I was travelling on my own and names were the only thing I had to make me feel good about where I was headed.

Okay, so to cut the story shorter after a few days of being in town I got in contact with the medicine man and felt instantly very comfortable with this open hearted, kind, loving man. His presence was soothing and welcoming.

I told him about the hypothyrodism.

He looked at me with a daze in his eyes – as if he was seeing through me. Could this man have x-ray vision? I mean, I’ve read about it in books.  He looks like an ordinary man.

He waved his hands over me and I felt nothing. No tingling or pulsating – like I’ve felt practicing Chi Gong or Reiki.

With waving hands it looked like a normal type of spiritual healing that I’ve experienced before. It’s kinda normal where I’m from – with new-agey people – where they perform spiritual healing – they work on your auric field to remove stagnant energy, alien programming, etc.

But this time I felt nothing.

[NOTE from 2021: Emotion Code and Body Code has a similar method and affect.]


Yet, that day I had full energy and for a few days after.

I felt great! I hadn’t felt like that in years!

And then it flipped… flipped over to hyperthyroidism. Blood tests confirmed this.

But why? How?

Does this happen often?

Is it coincidence?

Doctors scratch their head in wonder. The thyroid is an interesting organ.

… and what next?

So, now I travel with hyperthyroidsm.

… and this being the more difficult to handle dis-ease I experience a racing heart, high anxiety and have even had high blood pressure (which I’ve never had before in my life).

The Chinese Herbalist told me sternly, “No stress, no anger, no worries, no frustration!” Yah, okay. That means I’m highly recommended to have a life filled with joy, ease, glory, love, peace and happiness!!

I scratch my head and wonder though. Why did it flip?

The Medicine Man has passed away now… and I seek another healer… my plans are to go to the Northern Territories or Arnhem Land.

What a fascinating journey!

a flip to hyperthyrodisim

**Note: Events actually happened, but the story is shortened as some events I’ve been told never to share with anyone. It’s sacred knowledge.

[NOTE FROM 2021: In January 2021 I had blood tests done and my thyroid still has normal results.]