Have you ever heard of stories of Tibetan monks performing what normal people refer to as magical feats? They can levitate, heal, travel to distances far away and even disappear from a jail cell. Only the initiated and well practiced people have these abilities.

In a book called Ancestral Power Lynne Hume shares stories about Aboriginal Shamans. They can heal, fly, curse, have telepathic powers and travel long distances. Only the initiated people from the tribe have these abilities.

In yet another book called, Aboriginal Men of High Degree: Initiation and Sorcery in the World’s Oldest Tradition Elkin discusses the ways in which Tibetan magicians and their initiations are similar to Aboriginal shamans.

Isn’t that interesting!

“In Tibet, too, certain lamas, as a result of physical and psychical training, are able to tramp at a rapid pace and without stopping for quite long periods.” (pg. 62) The traveller would go into some kind of trance.

“The telepathy that the Aboriginal men of high degree practice is also practiced by the Tibetan psychic adepts.” (pg. 63)  

The Tibetans believe that telepathy is a science and can be learned with proper teaching.  Furthermore, similar to Aboriginals – the Tibetans practice silence and solitude which is a normal state in the Australian bush without the absence of noise and rush. Initiated Aboriginals are well known for their telepathic and mind reading abilities.

“It is possible that there is some historical connection between the yoga and occult practices of India and Tibet and the practices and psychic powers of Aboriginal men of high degree.” (pg.66).

The overall assumptions is that the Westerners are so focused on our intellect that we have inhibited real freedom of thought with regard to religion. In fact, we limit our natural born abilities simply by believing in a religion and it’s limitations. Instead, if we were to sit in silence, we would re-learn that natural flow of the energies. In doing that we would allow room for an expanded way of being.

“Some light on our Aboriginal men of high degree can be obtained by a comparison with those from Tibet…. There the great yoga, possessed of clairvoyant vision is said to be able to observe the physiological processes of his own body He requires no mechanical devices in order to transverse air or water or land, for he tells us that he can quite his gross physical body and visit any part of the arth or pass behond the stratosphere to other worlds with a speed greaterthan light. As a result of his discipline and training he can acquire fleetness of foot, lightness of body, and immunity to harm by fire. He can become immune also to severe cold, the result of practicing the yoga of heat.” The powers come from a concentrate on the Dantien which is a spot four fingers below the navel.

Interesting to note, that this is the same spot that is focused on in Japanese martial arts, Chinese martial arts – Tai Chi and Chi Gong as well as the spot focused on in the original Reiki (Usui Healing method from Japan).

In the Aboriginal culture it seems that there is a focus on making the psychic powers strong by overcoming fear – which I’m assuming – you need a strong internal focus such that you would gain from Tibetan or similar types of meditation. A pure focus on love and joy naturally decreases fear.

Quite fascinating how the two cultures are similar – Tibetans and Australian Aboriginals! It is mainstream knowledge that the Tibetan culture has powers, but it is not known that Australian Aboriginals – in their Traditional culture – also have this. Unfortunately, it is a practice that is dying out and there are very few of these people with the ancient knowledge left.

Why is that?

Well, I can’t say for a fact but it seems religion has a big influence.