Private sessions can go however you want them to.

What do I mean by that? Am I being facetious?

You are You. You are Unique.

If I didn’t invite you to these sessions with an open heart for exploring your Personal Template for Living with a unique perspective, well, then we’d be working within the matrix. And that would defeat the purpose.

The underlying assumption of my private sessions is that you are you, and you are unique.

You come to sessions with a matrix of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, judgements and feelings that you have spent years developing, and there’s nothing like this creation in the whole world.

I see you.

I see the layers of matrix that you live in.

I see beneath the layers.

The radiant expansive being that you are.

We’re going to start there…. looking at your expansive self.

So, sit quietly for a moment…… take 10-20 minutes to sit quietly with yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Really feel into what these sessions offer you. Wait in the silence of the present moment until something arises from deep within you.

That which has arisen…. is where we’ll start.

What can you use these Private Sessions for?

  • TO GET MOTIVATED & INSPIRED – If you want to make a positive change in your life, but not sure how to take the first step these sessions are perfect for gaining ideas, weighing up the pros and cons and getting excited!
  • LEARN MEDITATION – I’ll teach you a simple and easy to use meditation style.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES – I’ll teach you how to understand the way your spirit guides and higher self communicate.
  • ENERGY WORK – As a Reiki Master/Teacher I can perform an energetic healing on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.
  • CREATING A RITUAL FOR CHANGE – Habitual patterns can either sabotage or support your dreams and goals. You can use these sessions to create a daily ritual that will set your patterns on support!
  • BRAINSTORMING – You can use them to brainstorm an issue, problem or business idea.
  • TO INCREASE SELF LOVE – If you’re finding yourself down you might need a boost of positivity in the form of self love. Together we’ll list your strengths and weaknesses, lessons and growths and see where you’re currently at in your life creation. Then, we’ll see how to turn your amazing qualities into pure raw power and steer it in the direction you want to go.
  • CHANGING CORE BELIEFS – If you’re keen to work in your energetic matrix field and change some core beliefs we can go deeply into the essence that you are being. This type of work may require a few sessions over a few months as they are often entwined with many patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and attitudes.

Let’s discuss what you want to do, are and how many sessions you need.

“Carmen was instrumental in concreting for me the themes in my life. Her process helped me identify those areas in my life that I wish to focus on. They also clarified those which were holding me back. So from now on, I will not live a life based on being a victim of circumstances. I choose to create a fun life filled with writing, photography and travel, and share that with my children.”

Katische Haberfield

Business Owner, Aromatherapy