➜ You’ve been struggling to move your life forward, but are a loss with what to do with that nasty toxic family pattern.

➜ You know if you don’t change your life now that you’ll be stuck in these patterns and won’t achieve your dreams and goals.

➜ You’re ready to reclaim your Joy and move your life forward and successfully reach your goal.

➜ You’re eager to find and follow your God given mission and help others heal their lives.

➜ You’re curious and ready how else you can expand your mind and your life.

➜ You’re ready to heal your physical body, let go of old unserving trapped emotions and sabotaging core beliefs.

My name is Carmen Wyld. Santosha is my Sanskrit name. My mission every day is to raise my own energy vibration, and so you can imagine my delight when a client books in a session to help them release trapped emotions and stuck negatives.

I help dedicated women to shift the toxic patterns that are holding them back from achieving their dreams and goals. Often times these patterns are stuck due to trapped emotions, negative core belief programming or family inherited patterns through the generations.

➜ I’m known for my bubbly, upbeat, yet deep personality…. and talking with my hands.

➜ I’m an animal lover extraordinaire!

➜ I love learning new things. It took me 3 weeks to learn how to build websites from watching YouTube videos.

I know how it felt to be stuck, so I’m here to help you get unstuck so you can expand your life as you desire.

“She has this infectious love and energy around her that you can’t help but be energised… it just changes your life being around her.” ~Julie

Why Work With SANTOSHA?

You want someone who is highly qualified but who is also actively involved in shadow work, spiritual development, energy healing, personal development, positivity, meditation, laughter yoga and expanding consciousness every day in her own life.

Every day she lives what she teaches.

Carmen Wyld, who prefers her sanskrit name SantoshaJi, specialises in Modern Mysticism helping people get unstuck from toxic patterns and release stuck emotions so they can reclaim their lives and create success in life and business.

She is the author of the book, “Healing the Planet from Within” which encourages everyone to step into Personal Development and Inner Work to empower themselves and live a life they love.

SantoshaJi is also the creator of the Mysteries of a Modern Mystic Academy; online Reiki Master, Spiritual Intuitive Healer training for women.

SantoshaJi has a Degree in Counselling and Psychology and a Masters of Education. She’s also certified in Emotion Code.




  • Masters of Education
  • Bachelor of Soc.Sc. in Counselling & Psychology
  • Grad. Cert. Human Resource Management
  • Grad. Cert. Childhood & Youth Studies
  • Grad. Cert. in Professional Learning
  • Diploma of Counselling


  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Naturopathic Detox Therapy at the AM Wellness Centre in Cebu, Philippines
  • Reiki Master/Teacher with Masters for 20+ years, Canada and Hawaii
  • Laughter Yoga Leader, Australia
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
  • Sound Healing in Nepal and India


  • Author of 5 books
  • Retreat Facilitator
  • Motivational Public Speaking
  • Laughter Yoga in Schools
  • Online Courses
  • Long Distance ShadowWork, InnerWork and Healing
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