I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land. I pay my respects to the Elders, past and present

The Indigenous people of Australia have an ancient, sacred and powerful culture that flows with the natural cycle of the Wiruungga and Carmenland. I’ve been very blessed to have a dear friend, Wiruungga Dunggiirr, who is an Indigenous Elder (also known as First Nations people). It is an honour to sit around a campfire with an Elder because you hear generational stories from their parents and grandparents. I’ve learned about bush medicines and bush tucker (only a bit really). And I’ve heard some Dreaming Stories that absolutely fascinated me.

Wiruungga has founded an Not-for-Profit Organisation that delivers second hand clothing to remote Indigenous communities. That’s one of my jobs while I’m travelling to North Australia. I’m eager to connect with the different mobs and see what’s really happening in the communities.

So, yah, I’m travelling in my van North. At this stage the destination is unclear. There are many Indigenous communities North. I’m leaving in less than a week.

I’m really curious about the Indigenous culture and hope to gain some knowledge about their traditional ways. The biggest challenge for most Westerners, myself included, is to see and experience the culture without the heavy goggles we’re given from society. While government attempts to help – they act mainly from their own white ways and from what they are familiar with. Understandably so.

But what would it take to remove the old goggles and look at a culture with a fresh perspective?

As a newborn would.

I’m assuming that an important step would be to completely absorb oneself in the culture and not rely on things you’re familiar with. For instance, I’ve become reliant on Google for information but in the bush that’s not there. Where else do I would get information or knowledge from?

And, I’m familiar with having a hot shower every day…. but in the bush… the real bush!! How does a person clean? And is cleanliness that important? Even if there was a waterfalls or a creek to bathe in I couldn’t use my usual soap and shampoo because that would contaminate the water. Animals and plants need that clean water. Would I pound leaves to make a paste?

Okay, you get the idea.

Going bush is going to be different!

So… you might ask… how far into this bush experience does this Wyld Woman want to go?

All the way folks! All the way!

In this blog you might see me eating Crocodile, foraging for tubers, sleeping in a tree….

Oh my! How does one sleep in a tree????!!!!