There are many different types of BUSH TUCKER and the Australian Aboriginals know them well. This blog is for informational purposes only and it’s important that you do your own research before attempting to eat any type of bush tucker.

bush ginger - aboriginal bush tucker

This blog is just to show you what Willie – a proud Bama – has been eating in the bush – this doesn’t mean it’s good for you too. So, please research for yourself

Now, on to the bush tucker. Willie Gordon is an amazing Bama (Bama is the name Aboriginals in Cape York call themselves) and when you walk the bush with him – and you think you’re just sight seeing – he’ll stop and show you a variety of different bush tucker (bush foods).

It’s as if you were walking through a grocery store!

In the below video Willie was showing me what I’ve named a BUSH LOLLY that comes from the bulb of a certain type of Ginger plant. Not all ginger plants have this bulb and there are soooo many different types of Ginger plants so it’s important to do your own research before you attempt to eat one of these.

I ate it because I was with Willie and he’s been eating them for years. It was really sweet and had a fruity flavour. I could imagine eating them all day – but we could only find a few that were ready to eat – most of them were white (not ripe) – the red ones are ripe.

If you’d like to walk the land with Willie Gordon ask for information at the Cooktown Information Centre.