Monk Chat | Chiang Mai

This morning started off with a MONK CHAT. What a delightful connective activity! We could ask many questions, and got many answers.

What a delightful connective activity!

I was surprised by some answers. For instance, when asking why Monks only eat two meals a day the answer was because back in the life of the Buddha the people were so poor they could only feed the Monks twice a day. So, the tradition continues.

And here I thought it was for spiritual reasons. *shrugs*

Pong told us a little bit about his life. He became a monk at age 13 because his family was poor, they could not afford to pay for his studies. Pong is still a novice monk at age 20 and only has 10 rules to follow. Full Monks have 227 rules, and female Monks have 311 rules.

The ten rules are:

1. Abstain from killing,

2. Abstain from stealing,

3. Abstain from sex,

4. Abstain from lying,

5. Abstain from intoxication,

6. Abstain from eating dinner,

7. no singing, dancing or sport,

8. no makeup or perfume,

9. no high bed,

10. no touch or use money (unless you are traveling home).

Their exercise is minimal such as
throwing water onto the garden, walking or cleaning the temple. There is walking meditation with 7 steps to follow.This morning started off with a MONK CHAT.

These Monks can eat meat, but may not marry or have a girlfriend.They were happy to pose for a picture when asked. They like to know how us tourists came to them. They get to practice speaking English this way.

They wake up 5am to do chanting and then at 6am they walk the streets with a white bowl and that’s when people give them food. Meditation and studies are in the afternoon.

Some important things Pong and his friend mentioned is that meditation is very beneficial. It gives you a good feeling. They do short meditations no longer than 20 minutes.

As novice Monks they sleep together in one area. As a full Monk you have your own room.Monks become full Monks no later than the age of 20.

Overall the experience was moreish and I might even go back for more today. I am think of more questions now. Lol.

The temple area was stunning. You pay 40 baht to go into this temple area for a Monk Chat. Please respect the area and cover your legs and shoulders. So, long pants and no sleeveless tops!