Yes, you were born into a Matrix – I refer to this system as your Personal Template. This is a system of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions that you were taught from the people around you. So, since you were a child you were taught this programming so that you could life a life in the mundane world. We act as if these belief systems and ways of living are truth, and follow without further thought.

(I have an incredible WORKSHOP ACTIVITY whereby you create a matrix. It’s certainly not your entire matrix, but gives you an idea why we call it a matrix!)

We choose, as Cosmic Creators, to come into this world to expand consciousness. We have created this physical reality of limitations so that we can learn more about who we are.

So, we are all raised with certain societal constructs that impact on the way in which we think, feel and act; however some of these hinder our goal of healing the planet from within…. and expanding our reality and living a life we love.

Once you start to become aware of your expanded beingness you can free your mind from your present-day societal matrix. But you must first become aware.

I’m assuming that you’re along this journey if you’ve read this far.

The next stage in your journey is to consciously choose what you think, how you feel and to re-write or transform sabotaging core beliefs. This process is to actively change the Personal Template you were given as a child and stepping up in the Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Being that you are. Rather, than living in the limiting system you were given.

Reading my book Healing the Planet from Within and putting into action the concepts of each chapter (and working with the WORKBOOK!) is a powerful step to take. Imagine for a moment that everyone who reads this book makes the same conscious choice to heal the planet from within. That every person on the planet makes a vow that in every moment their thoughts and behaviours are dedicated to raising their consciousness.

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