I’ve never heard of luwak coffee until I went to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Have you heard of it?

Well, if you arrive in Ubud there are tours to a coffee plantation where you see the process of how this coffee is made.

It’s quite horrendous actually.

There’s a theory that after the Asian palm civet (a very cute and friendly animal) eat the coffee cherries and defecates them that the coffee tastes better.

I’m sure that’s debatable and the idea just sounds disgusting, right? I mean, drinking coffee that was someone else’s shit? Weird stuff!

FORCED TO EAT ONLY COFFEE CHERRIES! In order to produce lots of this coffee these beautiful creatures are put in cages and are forced to only eat the coffee cherries!

A full diet of coffee cherries the animals have a poor diet but also suffer from isolation and boredom. I saw one pacing in its cage at the coffee plantation…. my heart sank. So sad! (Before going I had no idea it was like this – or I wouldn’t have gone!)

LUCKILY, there is a LUWAK CAFE in UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA who is passionate about free range Civet’s.

They do not cage them and allow them to eat their usual diet all year round. They feed them coffee cherries when they’re in season (once a year) and then harvest them.

If you’re in Ubud, Bali….. pleeeease go support them!

I visited them regularly when I was there to buy a juice, smoothie and yes, I even tried one of their coffees.

While you’re there you can pet and play with these beautiful animals, the Asian Civet.

Here are some inspiring pictures of the cafe employees playing with the two Civet’s….. who certainly look spoiled and loved!

The WILD Luwak Cafe, Ubud
Two civets sitting on a table at the Luwak Cafe, Ubud while the employee pets them.


Here I am tasting a cup of Civet coffee while petting my new friend! These two were so cute they melted my heart!

Every time I walked by I felt this magnet pulling me in to pet them and play with them. Awwww….. so cute!

When you’re in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia…. please make it part of your schedule to pop and say HI to these guys!