Consultations with Carmen SantoshaJi

Healing or Manifesting

Support for your Spiritual Awakening


This 90-minute session is for those who are needing support to shift through the stages of expanding consciousness. We will look at hidden habitual patterns that are stopping you from clearing chakras and raising your energy vibration.

Chakra Clearing

For this consultation we will start with a one-one-one Skype or WhatsApp session. After the session I will perform a chakra healing and then give you personalised chakra clearing technique(s).

Reiki Long Distance Healing

For this consultation, I will move beyond time and space and perform a Reiki healing session. You will receive instructions for how to prepare for the session, and what to do in the few days afterwards.

Create a Power Symbol for You

After a 45-minute Skype or Whatsapp session I will shift into trance state and create a personalised power symbol that will help you heal or manifest. You will receive the symbol with instructions.

Helping You on Your Spiritual Journey

Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

Deep inside of you is a craving for something more. Moist dark chocolate brownies drizzled with a sweet warm sauce doesn’t fully satisfy you any more. You want more.

Questions & Answers

How are the consultations done?

We will chat on Skype or WhatsApp. Please ensure you have an account, and pass me your details before the session!

What time zone are you in?

I’m usually in Queensland, Australia. The booking calendar will show you times that are available in your time zone.

How do you do healings long distance?

Long distance healings are usual in the Reiki Way and other healing modalities. Each healer has their own method. I shift into a trance state into another dimensional reality where time and space do not exist. This is a Reiki and Shamanic technique.

How do I prepare for a session?

Please ensure you have a quiet room or space. Make sure you internet connection is working. If you requested a healing I will guide you how to prepare for that specifically.

What's your Consultation Agreement and Privacy Policy?

You can read about the Consultation Agreement and Privacy Policy pages by clicking on the links.


Namaste! I’m known as SantoshaJi in my spiritual work and in India.

In all aspects of life I am guided by my Inner Guru, Ancestors, Animal Totems and Spirit Guides.

I am here to share my spiritual knowledge and expertise with Seekers who are craving spiritual knowledge and growth.

You’ll find me an upbeat, friendly person who is eager to support you on your journey. I can’t do the work for you though. A spiritual journey must be done by the person. However, I can shift energies, provide guidance, share insights and information, and give inspiration. Then you must take the necessary steps, as I once did – and continue to do.

How It Works

First Make a Purchase

Purchase a consultation and you will receive an email within a few minutes with a PDF document. This will confirm your payment and welcome you.


Book Your Session Time

Go to our Booking Calendar and make an appointment.

We'll Talk on Skype or WhatsApp

When your appointment time comes I will call you on Skype or Whatsapp. Please ensure you’ve given me your contact details!

90 Minute Deep Dive Session

This session is for people who are seriously seeking to expand their consciousness. We go deep quickly in this session so it’s important to gain clarity on your issue before the session. You’ll receive questions to fill out before the sessions. Please remember to have a notebook and pen!


More Details

In these Expanding Consciousness Journeys we identify what I refer to as your Signature Patterns. In this are the patterns that make up the energy vibration you emit and which attract your current life situation.

You create your reality. In fact, with the thoughts you are having now, you are creating your life.

In the Tibetan and Buddhism cultures when you repeat patterns of the mind it is said you’re creating your karma. If you want to be rid of your karma – old patterns – you must first shine a light on them so you can see what you’re creating. That’s what we first do in this Coaching Consultation – we look at your current patterns. Next, we discover the Core Beliefs and specific Thought Patterns that are not aligned to what you want to create in your life.

Then, we change the sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. This in turn sends a rippling effect throughout your entire being uplifting your energy vibrations and expanding consciousness.

In this dynamic session I will take you through an amazing in-depth process of discovering the patterns you didn’t know you have, and then changing the Core Beliefs to steer your life in a direction you want it to go.

Chakra Healing

This session includes three parts. First we’ll meet for 45 minutes on Skype or WhatsApp to discuss your overall situation and where you might be feeling stuck. After our talk I’ll move into a trance state and perform a chakra clearing and healing. Finally, I’ll send you a message with chakra clearing techniques to continue for a specific period of time.


More Details

When working with chakras you might experience emotions or memories arising, you might feel tingling or warmth and you might even feel like eating certain foods. This is all normal. When stuck energy shifts it likes to make you aware of its presence. So, you just observe the process. I’ll ensure you’re familiar with the chakra(s) we’re clearing and the issues so you know what to expect.

Reiki Long Distance Healing

Reiki can be defined as a method for working with the Cosmic Consciousness to move stagnant and stuck energies, to create flow in energetic patterns, so the physical body can heal itself.


More Details

When seeking a deeper understanding of Reiki we find that the word Rei is defined as Higher Intelligence that guides the creation of our reality and the world around us. It is infinite and all knowing. The word Ki, is also known as prana, is non-physical energy that permeates all things. When one’s Ki is flowing and high they feel confident, healthy and strong. We receive Ki from the air, sunshine, food, sleep as well as through meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Create a Power Symbol for You

Symbols have been used for centuries across the world as a way of focusing the mind and magnetising the intended energy. First we will have a 45-minute WhatsApp or Skype meeting so we can connect and discuss your situation. During this time you can tell me what it is you desire to create or heal in your life.  After our session I will move into a trance state meditation and design a Power Symbol that will draw this energy to you. Once you receive it you must follow the instructions every day to ensure success.


More Details

The non-physical world including spirit guides communicates in the form of symbols. The symbol I will create for you will communicate with them in the way they understand. It becomes very clear what you desire to create in your life. When you focus on the symbol every day you are adding to the energies.

Connect You With Your Spirit Guides

Do you want to know the name of your Spirit Guide(s)? Would you like to learn how to talk with them; and get the answers you need? In this one hour Skype or WhatsApp session I’ll help you connect to your Spirit Guides and Higher Being Helpers.


Still Have Questions?

Send me a Private Message on Instagram: @HealingthePlanetfromWithin