Namaste and greetings!

I’m super excited to help you on your journey of healing and manifesting!

Energy Healing has been proven to help women around the world with physical ailments, get rid of generational toxic patterns, move forward in business, opens up their mind to new possibilities, heals their heart from bad relationships, and overall start life new and fresh.

“I am not the healer, God is.”

What Happens in Your First Session?

All new clients start with this amazing introductory session that sets the foundations and intentions for healing your physical body and manifesting what you desire.

I love getting results for my clients so in this session I’m going to dive deep into energy healing and talk directly with your subconscious mind to reveal as much as I can about your physical health and well-being and what’s blocking you from reaching your goals, and there’s so much more….. there are FOUR STEPS IN THIS SESSION.

Let’s take look at what you’re going to receive in our first session together.

β€œTo let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.” ~Ramtha

STEP 1: TEST ALL YOUR BODY ORGANS and immune system

I use muscle testing to reveal if your body organs are happy. Then I test what level they are functioning at, we get an exact percentage.

Next I’ll test if the systems of your body are functioning at 100%, or not.

You will receive a full report of all our findings after the session is complete. This is help information that can guide you to healing your body.

But there’s still more I want to do for you in this first session……


Women hire me to help them when they are feeling stuck in life and business. Many of these women find themselves stuck setting up an online business as a Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher and even Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners. I go deep into the issues to discover the source of the origins that is sabotaging them from being successful and getting paying clients.Β  find themselves stuck in moving forward. If you’re feeling stuck in life or business I can explore the trapped emotions that are stuck in your body and holding your back. For instance, if your Mom and Grandmother had anxiety then it’s likely you have either shared, absorbed or trapped anxiety that’s holding you back. Also, women who have suffered from the patterns of narcissistic abuse have stuck toxic emotions that hinder their ability to feel confidence, struggle with low self-esteem and even doubt their ability to love again.

STEP 3: energy healing

Yes, you’ll receive a complete report of your organs and systems, and insights into what’s holding you back from creating a life you desire.

Next I’ll shift into a trance state and use muscle testing and talk to your subconscious mind and release some of these toxic trapped emotions.

During the healing session women have felt a burden lift from their shoulders or chest, they might feel a sense of joy and start laughing, they might feel sadness leaving their heart centre, and so much more!


You are made of energy. Your body is made of energy. In fact our whole world is made of energy!

If you’re feeling stuck in life and/or business even though you’ve tried personal development, positive thinking, etc…. and you can’t change or shift anything in your life… well, it’s time to try energy healing… because it shifts the energies immediately that is sabotaging you.

Keep in mind that Healing happens in layers, so if you’ve gathered burdens throughout your entire life, or you have inherited emotions or even past life issues… well, sometimes it can take a few sessions to remove all the layers.

You deserve this!

Namaste and Greetings! It’s super awesome to meet you!! Watch the video and meet me too! (Please note that this introduction session is no longer “short”, even though I say this in the video.)

It’s easy to book your spot! Simply choose a date IN THE CALENDAR below 👻 and put in your name and email address, and answer the questions. I’m super excited to meet you!

What time zone are you in?

I work with clients around the world, and we use the booking calendar to do the time zone conversion for us. I’m currently located in Australia. Nice sunny days, beaches and waterfalls. πŸ™‚

How do I pay for the session?

After you make your booking you’ll receive a “Welcome Pack” via email with all sorts of juicy good ONBOARDING DOCUMENTS, including your invoices that has an easy link for payment.

Will I have to sign up for future sessions?

The choice is completely yours, but keep in mind that Healing Happens in Layers… and I’ll muscle test how many sessions it will take to reach your goals of healing and manifesting. That way you’ll be completely clear.

How long is this first session for?

This amazing introduction session used to be a short session of only 20 minutes, but I found that I was always going over an hour… sometimes up to 1 1/2 hours with new clients. It’s a fascinating process you see and there is so much to. (Yes, I know in the above video I say “short video”, but let’s call one hour short – okay? πŸ™‚ Please have free 1 hour, 60 minutes.

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