Symbols are used throughout history. They help to focus our thoughts. The STOP SIGN is a particular shape and colour and reminds us to stop driving our vehicle at that point.

If you’re an artist you’d be familiar with the feeling that comes inside of you when you create your art piece whether that be painting, drawing, sculpting, designing, writing or carving. Of course, everyone has a particular feeling that emerges. Sometimes you can pick up the feelings and emotions in an art piece that the artist was trying to convey at the time.

When you steer your thought and intentions and mix and mingle them with you feelings and emotions and then design a symbol it will remind your sub-conscious and conscious mind of what you want to heal or manifest.

This is similar to the creation of a DREAM BOARD. It’s a well-known technique whereby many life coaches hold workshops for people to create a dream board of what they want to manifest in their life.

People gather around a large table and take cuttings of images of cars, people, houses and then inspirational words and stickers. They might do a drawing or painting around these images and then some more words that uplifts their heart when they see it. Putting all these together is said to help the person create these things in their life.

The one fault I find with this is that often the dream board contains people’s hopes and fears. They fear themselves unworthy or not good enough of bringing these things into their life and so they rely on hope… hope for a better future. But fear is not the correct energetic vibration needed to manifest or heal. The energetic layers do not mix with creation, rather it repels it because you’re not aligned.

Clients find it fascinating how, when in a session with me, that they can see aspects of their life they could never see before. Aspects that may hinder them from changing, or an aspect that they can use to create that positive change they desire.

When you purchase a POWER SYMBOL you’ll be give instructions on how to use it until the creation comes to fruition. The instructions vary from person to person because I work with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self directly. So, they tell me what you can do to be successful and I pass on the message to you. Sometimes the message might not be what a client wants to hear, and so they sit in denial or in a state of reflection to gain clarity.

If you’re feeling like you need some help is making life changes and want a PERSONALISED POWER SYMBOL in your life – it’s  important to FEEL INTO IT – then use my BOOKING CALENDAR TO INQUIRE and we’ll get started!