Anyone who has had a conversation with me since I reached Croc territory would know that I was pretty darn keen to see an actual crocodile in the wild. As many times as my knowledgeable friends would warn me “don’t go swimming in the creek or ocean once you past Maryborough”. It’s quite natural, I think, to splash around in a natural creek after a long bush walk in the forest.

But not here.

Luckily, and much to my friends’ relief, I found an ideal location to spot a crocodile in the wild safely from a river cruise.

Sauntering on board this small boat with seating for 30+ people the TOUR GUIDE starts his yammering. He seems eager to show us birds and tree snakes. I’m eager to see crocs.

He proudly announces in amongst his sharings, “My mother said you can’t learn anything new after 25 years of age.”… and I silently *gulp* to myself and remind myself that this is HIS thought and belief – he believes this and so he creates his reality accordingly. know that research in neuroplasticity has proven the brain is constantly changing and learning. Anyone can learn anything new at any age – the brain actually grows new life with new intentions.

“But you gotta stay positive in life”, he states after sharing a story about how Albert the croc got shot presumably by locals.

The scenery along the rainforest river is spectacular. It’s a cloudy day, but geez, it’s gorgeous and warm.

The female crocodile is no longer hiding under the tree the tour guide tells us, so she is probably sun baking on the sandy bank around the bend. Sure enough….

And then we see a male croc a bit further. Beauty!

Satisfied now, I’ve seen a croc.