Would you like to improve your life?
Are you a spiritually minded person?

Healing the Planet from Within is a book, a website, YouTube Chanel and an Instagram page; it’s a project to inspire you to improve your life and raise your energetic vibrations which in turn positively changes the world.

Personal development is a necessary area to get in to if you are unhappy with your life, lifestyle, health and well-being. You see, if you’re carrying around negative thought patterns – please notice the key words here “patterns” – then you create your life accordingly. Once you can see these patterns you can work to change them with specialises personal development techniques.

The practice of personal development and spiritual development is gaining popularity quickly because, quite frankly, people want a better life.  Here on this website we offer unique consultations, workshops and their our SPECIAL online course MYSTERIES OF A MODERN MYSTIC. All these are to help you raise your consciousness and take your life to the next level. There’s some amazing testimonials on our website of what people have experienced in the consultations and online course. It’s really worthwhile having a look.

You may have noticed that personal development and spiritual development are getting a lot of focus around the world. People are starting to wake up the fact that they have a choice about what happens in their life, and so they become so CURIOUS ABOUT HOW TO MAKE THESE CHANGES. This starts the ball rolling and they become a SEEKER. They start to SEEK WAYS TO HEAL THEIR LIFE.