Does the Emotion Code really work? Here’s my personal experience with Emotion Code, as well as some of the outcomes my clients have seen.

I was struggling in life and business when I first discovered Emotion Code. For years, I had tried to piece my life together so that I could follow my passion and live a life I enjoyed, but my dream seemed unattainable. Nothing I did had any effect. I tried everything, including thought journaling, positivity activation, and core belief change. But I was still stuck.

I came across someone doing Emotion Code at the local markets after seeing a mention of it on Facebook. I was intrigued, so I found someone on Fiverr for a lower price to assist in reducing what they refer to as the “Heart Wall” in Emotion Code practices. I’d been struggling with money my entire life, so I was always on the lookout for a better deal.

The practitioner reported on the emotions that were removed and the extent to which the heart wall was weakening. It was fascinating, but interestingly, I began to feel lighter, so I continued to investigate what Emotion Code was all about.

I discovered the Emotion Code Facebook group and read through all of the posts and comments. Some people had questions, while others were excited to share their results. I was astounded and “felt into it” about becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

This is when things started to get really exciting because I was learning how to release trapped emotions from my own physical body, which meant I could heal myself whenever I wanted without having to pay for sessions. Lol. A fantastic motivator!

Following that, I made contact with an Emotion Code practitioner who offered to swap sessions with me. I was able to practice what I was learning on her, and she gave me a session. I wanted the remaining emotions from my Heart Wall to be removed during that session.

Emotion Code: Rush of Joy when the Heart Wall came completely down

WOW! When the last few emotions were removed, I instantly felt a rush of exhilarating Joy throughout my entire body! It felt like I could finally feel Joy and Love fully and completely.  Does the emotion code really work? It was at that point that I was completely convinced of Emotion Code’s positive effects.

Emotion Code: Increase of Psychic Abilities

Another advantage of being a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner is that because I work with energy every day, my psychic and mediumship abilities have improved. My energy healing has also grown. I still use the basic Emotion Code protocol, but I’ve discovered that some clients need to release much more than just trapped emotions. In my energy healing sessions with clients, I can easily shift into a Theta Healing trance and use shamanic, Reiki, belief work, and inner child healing methods. Each client presents with different issues from this lifetime, past lives, and emotional inheritance, so each session is unique based on their healing intentions and the assistance of their spirit guides.

Emotion Code: No more Stuckness

I’m an emotion code healer. My overall Emotion Code experience has been fantastic. I no longer need to feel stuck in life because I can simply perform an energy healing session on myself to release trapped, shared, or absorbed emotions before delving deeper into core beliefs and inner child healing. My life is constantly being filled with new possibilities, ideas, insights, and even adventures!

Emotion Code Energy Healing Results from Clients

Here are some of the outcomes reported by my clients, just to name a few:

  • Decades of back pain were completely eliminated after just one session. (Georgia, USA)
  • Increased self-assurance in obtaining clients (New Zealand).
  • Starting to feel better about getting married (Dubai)
  • Gained motivation to lose weight and get in shape (New York, USA).
  • Psychic abilities developed (Melbourne, Australia).
  • Increased levels of self-esteem in the workplace (India).
  • Family ties are being repaired (Ireland).
  • Feeling more confident in approaching potential clients (Tennessee, USA).
  • Feeling happier again (Sydney, Australia)
  • Connecting with their Spirit Guides (Canada)
  • Narcissistic ruminating thoughts gone (Los Angeles, USA)

Would I suggest Emotion Code?

Absolutely! You can begin your healing journey right now. I’m eager to assist you in breaking free from toxic patterns so you can move forwards in life and business!

Are you interested? Here’s my official invite to sign up for your first session!  

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