PHASE #1: LEARNING PHASE: 21-days of personal and spiritual development where you’ll learn the foundational practices of power focusing, unique way of meditating, chakra cleansing, personal template, how to create your own power symbol, shadow work, talk to your spirit guides, building prana, energy exercises, healing yourself and others, and so much more!

PHASE #2: IMPLEMTNTATION: Once you’re complete the LEARNING PHASE of the Mysteries of a Modern Mystic program you’ll move onto the IMPLEMENTATION PHASE where you’ll put in place the practices from the course to create the changes you desire in life.

I’m here for you throughout the entire process. You’ll have PRIVATE SESSIONS including energy healing, matrix session and a power symbol for focus. The program will evolve organically and move according to your needs. Please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE before purchasing with any questions and to ensure you’re a good fit for this MYSTICAL COURSE.

I have 5 University Degrees in Counselling, Psychology, Human Resources Management and a Masters of Education. I’ve been a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer for over 20 years. I did Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India.

All graduates from this training will be invited to join the GRADUATES Facebook group of awesome people who are stepping into full power. They are awesome fully functioning multi-dimensional beings moving forward with a strong daily practice of mystical ways. In this group we have monthly world healing meditations; linking up with the power of the group. And, we have regular SPIRITUAL RETREATS in India! (covid pending)

Once you’ve made purchase you’ll receive a PDF DOWNLOAD with information on how to get in direct contact with me, and how to get started. 🙂