How do you feel right now? How will you feel in an hour?

What do you want to achieve in 10 years?

What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

Know Your Heart

You can achieve a refreshing feeling when you identify your beliefs, thought patterns, feelings, emotions, attitudes and assumptions. There’s a wise ancient saying “Know Thyself”. This wise saying is the foundation of all personal development work.

If you can align your patterns in thinking and feeling with your hearts desire the whole universe opens up for you.

For me, my heart’s desire is on expanding consciousness. Therefore, the thoughts I choose and the feelings I feel are chosen particularly to expand my consciousness. When I notice something in my thoughts or feelings that is not uplifting or supportive I do my best to dive into personal development on many levels to make changes. Then when that layer of my beingness is altered accordingly it opens up my world on other levels. Events, situations and people come into my life and teach me something new. Old patterns and people fall away.

For instance, if you’re heart’s desire is to find a career you love you might align your thoughts towards building your self-esteem and confidence. Then focus on thinking thoughts that keep you motivated, and activate positivity daily to ensure your energies are uplifted so you have more energy in the day to pursue your goals. If you find a stubborn thought pattern or have negative habitual emotional patterns you would start doing personal development work to discover the underlying core belief.

As a personal development coach I guide my clients through this inner journey process. We always start with your heart’s desire so that we’re then guided to adjust your matrix of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes accordingly.

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