One of the key ingredients of my adventure is to generate as much joy as I can possibly muster. Each moment must have an injection of positivity – my favourites are gratitude and fascination along with joy and love.Willie Gordon aboriginal tour

When my positivity vibes are heightened it seems that I have the power to create my reality pretty darn quickly.

One day I decided that YUP I wanted to go on a tour with Willie Gordon from Guurrbi Tour. I wanted to learn bush tucker and bush medicines. He is the local tour guide. The next day I saw a fellow that looked pretty much like him in the grocery store. I asked my new friend John if it was indeed Willie and then went over and introduced myself.

He was bright and bubbly and was happy to listen and chat. He invited me on the tour the next day – and YUP, I went on Willie’s tour! What joy it was! It all fell into place quite nicely.

Now, that’s not such a great feat as we are in a small town. But hey, get this….

A few weeks ago I met a lovely couple at a roadside camp spot. I like to meet my neighbours before the sunsets and had a pleasant conversation with them at their camp fire. They are from South Australia, but are originally from England.

A couple of days later I’m feeling a bit lost as I’m in new territory (again) and haven’t spoken to anyone friendly and familiar. I thought, “I’d like to find someone familiar.” This time I’m in a big city (Cairns) and finally find a large car park, learn how to make payment, and then wander over to the seaside market.  And low-and-behold standing right in front of me is this lovely couple I met just two nights ago. We had a lovely chat – which is exactly what I needed to charge up my confidence!


As Ramtha (an enlightened Master Teacher) states, “When you are in a state of JOY you are in the flow of what God is. And in that flow, there is no room for jealousy, anger, bitterness or war.”

“In an exuberant state of joy, you are at peace with everything about you. When you are in joy with life, you cannot feel remorseful or insecure, fearful, anger or lacking. In a state of joy you are fulfilled and complete and life, wisdom and creativity flow like a mighty river from within your being. In a state of joy, you are inspired to the heights of greatness and the depths of feeling.”

Ramtha has plenty to say on the topic. The ability to create life in this state is amazing. I highly recommend activating joy daily! It’s such a buzz!