When I left Canada I got rid of all my possessions. I sold my car, cancelled my car insurance and sold or gave away all my stuff. I came to Australia as a backpacker. All I had was a fancy black dress and a pair of heels, a few tops, a pair of jeans and shorts… and Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t live without Pantene and thought that this rugged country – where people rode kangaroos to work – wouldn’t have Pantene. Of course, I had the usual bathroom supplies and make-up. I couldn’t live without make-up.

In Canada I used to get my hair permed for that extra curly bouncy affect and even wore cover-up make-up over my already perfect skin along with blush, eye powder, mascara and liner. The local avon lady delighted in telling me what colours were a perfect match to make me absolutely stunning. 100% different than what I did (am doing) in Australia. Here my hair is natural and if I ever wear make-up it’s a light powder of natural bronzer and mascara. That’s it.

But, fresh from Canada I came with all the important beauty necessities I thought I needed.

As a backpacker I didn’t even think about having household stuff.

I was more focused on where I was going to stay, what I was going to eat, who did I dare talk to, (I was shy) and whether I was going to pay money to go on an official Outback Adventure with a tour guide. Stuff was the last thing from my mind.

The backpacking adventure was awesome! I had my nifty green cap that I wore every where. Rainbow Lorikeets even blessed that hat. 🙂 I met Charlie in Darwin from the Crocodile Dundee movie (so we were told) and hiked around Uluru and watched the sunset next to Uluru.


*PAUSE* I’m getting a bit carried away with telling you about my backpacking adventures. Geez, I get excited thinking about it. Yet, the main purpose of this blog is to talk about the PRESENT MOMENT and what’s happening NOW. So, let’s fly to the present moment.

Skipping a few years…..

We collected enough things to fit into a four bedroom home, but downsized to half that when we moved into a cabin in the bush. It had no cupboards. (Which also meant no dark places for large spiders to hide).

I don’t like clutter so all my things need to be useful. No nik naks or dust collectors. Don’t they call this being a minimalist?

One more massive clean-out and I got rid of all my possessions – similar to the move from Canada to Australia. My daughter took the fridge, washing machine, kitchen table and chairs with her to University. She took some kitchen things too such as pots, plates, cutlery, baking dishes, etc. Anything left I gave away or sold…. mostly gave away it seemed.

This process took about 6 months to complete, and now I’m living in a van.