Is it time for change?

You can walk away from any story you don’t fit in any more. You’ve grown out of the story. You’ve expanded.

You can walk away from any situation in which you don’t feel loved and respected. You don’t like how other people treat you – you know you deserve better. You’re allowed to walk away and choose a better situation.

You’re can give yourself permission to leave a town that has dimmed your light. You can pack your bags and start all over in a location that makes you shine.

You can give yourself permission to change what needs to be changed.

You’re allowed to quit your job. You’re allowed to learn something new and grow your knowledge base and resources. You’re allowed to expand your life.

You can give yourself permission to leave someone you love if they are belittling you. You can walk away from people who put you down – who hurt you.

You can choose a better life. You can choose to surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Who are kind and caring.

You can forgive yourself for past mistakes. You now understand that back then you were only learning – using the knowledge you had in the past. You’ve grown now. You can forgive yourself. You can be thankful for learning from the past. You can love yourself wholly and completely.

You can set yourself free from the expectations of others. You can set yourself free from your own expectations. You don’t need to be perfect. You can be you – just as you are.

You can see clearly the sabotaging patterns and you can make wise choices. You can walk away. You can understand. You can transform your core beliefs. You can grow. You can learn.

You can reset your life, and lifestyle.

You can reinvent yourself.