As you’re on my website now you might be aware that I have a project that I’m very passionate about. It all started when I wrote and published my first book called: Healing the Planet from Within.

The book kind of evolved through a variety of processes while I was studying at University. Yet before University I was working with a friend using Lazaris (channelled entity) strategies for looking at thought patterns, feelings, emotions, attitudes and core beliefs. My friend and I examined a particular stuck belief I was experiencing and the physical symptoms that went along with it.

My friend was adamant that by examining the sabotaging core beliefs and transforming them that the physical symptoms would be corrected. From my memory I think we worked on this issue for over two years. We would meet up once a week or so for a cuppa and then he’d harass me to look deeper and deeper. It wasn’t a comfortable process at all back them (about 1999-2001). Funnily enough he was correct and the symptoms I carried since I was a child were no longer. But what’s more is that I realised the impact that negative thought patterns, attitudes and core beliefs had on our physical body and its functioning.

Then, I went to University and studied Counselling and Psychology and came across a similar process they called Cognitive Therapy. In this therapy they look at the reoccuring thoughts and how they sabotage a person to repeating negative behaviours. Once these negative thinking was changed a person’s life positively changed and their behaviours too.

That’s when I realised that if everyone on the planet could seek to positively change their life and become more consciously aware of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and core beliefs that they could then alter these to create a life they love.

It was in 2018 when I started travelling outside of the Western world and saw this energetic matrix was different with different cultures. Yet, still if one held highly a mission to expand consciousness and activate positivity daily then there’s no telling the miracles, amazing synchronicities and expansion that could occur in a person’s life.

When I look back on my book Healing the Planet from Within I see how much it could be improved, edited, revamped… but instead I’ve decided to leave it as it is because it was written with a specific theme… channelled through me by the Formless Divine.

Nowadays I work with people through my Mysteries of a Modern Mystic 21-Day Online Course. In the course I encourage students to get actively involved in personal development and spiritual development. Students learn how to meditate, the necessity of doing a daily braindump (at least at first), how to heal their chakras, energy exercises, how to meet their spirit guides, and so much more.

Successful graduates move onto a private group whereby we are working together to raise each other’s level of consciousness, and then around the world. If this sounds like something you are interested in please do join us – we start on the 1st of each month, so you can jump into the Mysteries of a Modern Mystic ONLINE COURSE when you’re most available. The course is for 21 days and each day is about 1 hour of work to do, including watching the video and meditation.

Recently I was interviewed by Dr. Mel, who is an author herself. You can read this interview by CLICKING HERE.