My book Healing the Planet from Within is now available for purchase on Kindle! You can buy your copy now by clicking here.

kindle edition - healing the planet from within

I’m really excited you are viewing this personal development book right now. You have the power within you to heal yourself and positively change your life, which in turn helps to heal the planet.

This book offers a method for self-examination, with strategies for becoming successful in life. This powerful inner journey is guided by counseling and psychology theories, life coaching techniques and ancient spiritual beliefs.

Everyone can make a conscious choice to create a peaceful and loving world. You’ll find this book enlightening and intriguing as you experience new ways of seeing what we, as a team of human beings, can co-create on this planet.

This is an incredible personal development book that leads and guides you to exploring your inner world so that you can make conscious choices and create your life as you desire.

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