I’ve been there… IT HURTS…

“I curled into a ball on the floor and cried myself to sleep.”

“All I feel is hopelessness. I feel worthless, not good enough.”

“Why doesn’t he love me any more? We had the perfect relationship.”

“No matter how hard I try to make myself happy again it doesn’t work.”

“My mind is in a fog. I can’t read more than two pages in my favourite book any more. What’ wrong with me?”


 You might feel the hurt now, but this experience can lead to a life more Aligned You With Your Soul Purpose


ow Do I know If this PROGRAM is Right For Me?

This program is based on proven Counselling Therapies and other well-known modalities from India such as Reiki and Meditation. Overall, you will refreshed with a sense of clarity about how to positively move your life forward.

Heal Thyself

If I, as you Counsellor, could hold your hand and show you step by step how to heal old wounds and eliminate self sabotaging patterns so you can confidently pursue your personal, professional and spiritual goals would you want to know more?

If you’ve been hurting so much from a Soul Crushing Relationship……the Universe has brought you here for clarity.

IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF and positively change your life!

Namaste Beautiful,
Are you afraid of getting into yet another relationship where you are not respected or loved?
I get it. I was there too.
If you are anything like I was, you probably don’t even trust your intuition anymore.
You likely suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence, and you wonder sometimes if you are even good enough…
The good news is, you are a natural born healer, fully equipped with everything you need to begin your journey back to self-love.
What if I told you that within pain & anguish exists the energetic imprint to manifest the miracle of healing from heartbreak and reclaiming your life?

Introducing the Manifesting Miracles Program

Manifesting Miracles is an innovative program that empowers women suffering from the effects of a toxic relationship, trauma and feeling stuck in life.
With the help of SOLID COUNSELLING THERAPIES this program helps you to release all the negative energies and feelings from the past.
You will tap into nature’s energy fields and instantly experience higher energy, vibrance, joy, relaxation, and healing.
Imagine finally getting rid of the physical and emotional manifestations of painful feelings that have been haunting you for decades…
Imagine waking up with higher energy levels and positive vibes – feeling active and happier all day long…
Imagine finally getting your confidence back, feeling worthy of genuine love, and tapping into your deeper purpose…
If you are ready to reclaim your life…
Click the link below to schedule your free discovery call with me.
In this call, you’ll discover how I can help you transmute sabotaging toxic patterns so you can lead a healthier, happier life.


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