As a child you may have experienced trauma, abuse or situations you just can’t understand. When this happens as a child you tend to suppress these emotional hurts and pains. So, in the unconscious mind there is a younger version of yourself suffering.

We tend to ignore our inner child because the pain is just too much to bear. We get busy in every day life and hurry about doing this and that – so that we don’t have to deal with the pain.

Every cell of your body is affected by the wounded inner child, hence it’s important to put into place a daily routine of healing him/her.

When I first became aware and started to pay attention to my inner child I was amazed how much hurt she carried. Every day I would sit in meditation with her I felt her confused, lost and in tears. And there were different aspects of her too. For instance, a few years ago on one warm sunny day I sat with her and held her while she was crying and loved her.  She seemed to really like that. Then, I started bringing her along on some of my adventures and asked for her opinion what we should do that day. She liked that too. She’s quite fun to hang around with actually.

Then years later, another aspect of her I found curled into a ball in a back room that was very dark and seemingly haunted from the past. I was so scared to go into that room because I felt DEEP FEAR every time I approached it. At the time I sought help from a hypnotherapist who talked me through going into the room, clearing it with light energy and then talking to, healing, and cuddling this aspect of my inner child… and then bringing her out of the room.

After healing those aspects of my inner child the sobbing inside myself lessened.

Healing the Inner Child is, I believe, one of the most important aspects of healing yourself, personal development, spiritual development and expanding consciousness.

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