How do you feel about yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Are you worthy of love?

Do you feel you deserve success in life?

Would you talk to a friend like your talk to yourself (those inside voices)?

What you think about yourself determines how you feel about yourself. For instance, you might think “I’m not good enough.” And then the feelings follow – you actually feel not good enough – and so you don’t try to improve yourself or your life.

Did you know there are thought patterns in your head?

Inside your head are habitual patterns of thought. These thoughts are patterns you’ve learned throughout your childhood and past experiences. These thoughts might say bad things about yourself and you don’t even know it.

If you’ve noticed some thoughts that say bad things about yourself you’ll notice that they make you feel bad too.

There’s Good News!

These thoughts don’t make you who you are! They are just thoughts. Patterns. Habits. And they are thought patterns that you don’t have to continue. It’s your choice – once you’re aware – it’s your choice to change them.

Thought Journal

So, as I always recommend to my personal development coaching clients – to start a Thought Journal. This is where you write down your thoughts for 5-15 minutes each day and after one week or two or even after month of writing down your thoughts you’ll start to see the patterns very very clearly.

TIP: When you first start writing in your thought journal to increase thought awareness make sure you do not judge or criticise your thoughts. That’s not the purpose of the thought journal. Just write them down without getting triggered or emotional – as if you are a private investigator looking for clues.

Make Yourself Feel Good!

Now that you’ve been actiee with an incredible personal development tool (the Thought Journal, remember?) you can flick your thoughts to something positive and make yourself feel good!

Yes, it’s really that easy.

A Story of a Young Girl

Once I met an eighteen year old girl who thought she could not love herself. She would think and think again about how she was not worthy of love, she was not good enough to receive love and how much she could not love herself. She thought the thoughts were telling her the truth. But they were not the truth. They were cycles she was taught from her childhood – her needs were never respected or considered. Her Mother never spent quality time with her, or took the time to get to know her.

When I told her about these cycles she could see then more clearly, but she still could not feel that depth of love that she deserved. Then we did a session about feeling so she could feel what it was like to feel unconditional love. After all, we are all Infinite beings of Cosmic Consciousness – and that’s pure love! So, simply to activate that feeling of love within her set a new pattern of thinking and feeling in her daily life.

Over the next week she started to allow that feeling of love inside herself. She did not need to receive it from someone outside – she could generate from within. Inside us all is an Unlimited Universal Source that’s made of Love, Peace and Joy. We have access to it at all times.

This girl got her power back and started to feel good about herself and her life. She could then see the patterns of thought and when a negative one came up in her mind she would say STOP to it either silently in her head or out loud (depending on where she was at the time) and then she’d replace with a positive thought.

Oh, how she started to flourish!

So, you see – you too can step into full power and positively change your life.

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