You can heal yourself using a variety of self-healing techniques.

People frequently struggle when attempting to heal themselves because they do not know how to go through the layers required for complete healing.

As an energy healer, I’ve seen many people achieve healing success, but only if they’re committed to their path.

Let’s talk about how you can go through the necessary self-healing techniques to finally be free of the burdens and move your life forwards.

Step 1: Set Intentions

Step 2: Thought Awareness

Step 3: Emotional Awareness

Step 4: Energy Healing

Step 5: New Beginning

STEP 1: setting intentions is a critical first step because you can’t steer yourself properly unless you know where you’re going. It’d be like jumping into a dark tunnel and shouting, “Let’s go!” but you probably wouldn’t get very far.

STEP 2: Thought awareness is the process of consciously watching your thoughts, catching negative ones and then choosing thoughts that are more aligned with your life goals. The step-by-step process is straightforward, but 90% of people require ongoing coaching and mentoring to be successful with this step.

STEP 3: To change your energetic vibration, you must practise the technique of being emotionally aware in the present moment. This skill can be honed over time to the point where you can flow with the universal energies, raising your energy vibration, increasing happiness, healing past trauma, and attracting good things to you.

STEP 4: The KEY to life transformation is energy healing. If there is stuck energy in your energetic vibration, the sabotaging pattern will return no matter how hard you work on your thoughts and emotions. This is demonstrated time and again when clients come to me for sessions because no matter what they’ve tried, nothing has changed their lives for the better.

STEP 5: Self-healing and self-improvement can take several weeks or even months, but if you’re dedicated and determined, you can get to the other side and start over. It helps. of course, to have a spiritual development and personal development mentor to take you on the journey.