Let’s suppose you have an ancient family lineage with great power. And that your ancestors are telling you that it’s time to step into full power. They’re passing onto you the old power of higher consciousness and asking you to put that power into the world wisely.

How do you listen to your ancestors?

How can you receive their instructions?

Sometimes I come across people whose ancestors grow in size and get very loud while we’re having a conversation. The ancestors send out big power (energetically) and it feels like I’m going to get knocked over. They’re frustrated the person hasn’t been doing the old ways.

There are some very special people in the world who have been granted the wisdom of the old ways of higher consciousness. The old ways have been dying out so the numbers of people who can hold this power and wisdom are seemingly minimising.

So, when I come across these special people on my journey I get an urge from deep inside to connect with them. Sometimes the urge is so great it consumes my thoughts until the connection has occurred.

The message I have given these people – only 7 to date – is that the ancestors are urging them to remember who they are, where they came from and to continue the lineage of keeping the ancient power.

And to wield it as per instructions from their lineage.

What I’ve witnessed so far is that, in the most recent generation, there has been a disconnection from that Uncle or Father or Grandfather and the knowledge wasn’t pass down. So this means the person needs to dig deep and listen from within – a skill normal in the old ways, but foreign to this mundane world.

If you’re one of these people and are feeling an inner calling how can you receive these instructions from your ancestors?

1. Firstly, become aware of the thought patterns that frequent your mind. Know and study them well. Do this for days, weeks or months if needed.

2. Sit in silent meditation and reflection at least once a day for a minimum of 15 minutes.

3. During these moments of silence you will start to feel something inside of you. It will be a feeling, no words. Be gentle and calm in this feeling and allow it to move through you as Spirit. Just feel it.

4. Finish your Meditation gently, calmly and treat it sacredly.

5. During your meditation this feeling is a message from your ancestors. This is the way they communicate. In this step you need to remain aware of the habitual thought patterns and discern when the message descends to the mundane reality.

6. When you think you hear the message with your mind imagine it moving into your heart centre. Feel it there to discern if this is the original message. Here are you training yourself to feel right from wrong. There are many thoughts moving through your mind, and non-physical beings who put thoughts there to control you. When you bring a message to your heart you can feel a yes – light heartedness, or no – heaviness.

7. Now you must act on the message…. But not with your analytical mind, through your heart centre. Always from your heart.

These steps will get you started. If you want more guidance on this please contact me on



Namaste 🙏🙏