Do you meditate daily to find yourself energetically pulled down?

Do you absorb yourself in spiritual books and videos, and then get zapped with drama?

I know you’re trying your best to uplift your energy vibrations, but sometimes the heavy mundane world gives you that extra burden to deal with.

The in-between stages of expanding consciousness are baffling to say the least. You have become aware of your higher self, guides and energetic vibration. You know how to meditate to achieve a higher state of being. You know how to activate positivity to get that feel good vibe happening in the middle of the day.

Yet, there are regular mundane people that you have to deal with.

They’re not to be blamed. They’re simply following their unique Personal Template for Living. They’re on automatic pilot where they just react.

Oh, the many times I’ve witnessed the social constructs of a basic CORE BELIEF causing havoc in someone’s life. They believe in their thoughts – as if the thoughts were truth. They accept the programming and take it personally. The pain and hurt this causes them is extraordinary.

How to Survive in the Mundane World

FIRST of all, know that this world is not real – it’s illusionary.

SECOND, know that you are the light in their world. YOU ARE THE LIGHT that will plant a seed in their soul that will transform them forever. Remain in that light so they have a chance to feel it.

THIRD. Remain calm in the eye of their emotional storm…. even if it’s directed at you. You know this world is just a dream – it’s an illusion. So, the emotions that they experience are just a creation too. It’s their choice to feel those emotions, whether that be an unconscious or conscious choice. They’re here to learn the limitations of this reality – to feel limited as unlimited, multi-dimensional beings. It is a huge privilege to feel this limitation – so allow them to do so. As they have these experiences their God-Self expands. Give them the freedom to expand.

Being conscious about your natural expansive, multi-dimensional self is a blessing – that’s for sure! When you’re first delving into this infinite state of being it’s a bit confusing feeling limited and expansive at the same time. You might feel like the world is pulling you down into a heavier state of being but in fact it’s only seemingly that this is possible…… because you ARE EVERYTHING and everything is inside of you.

When you’re in-between these two states of being and not fully absorbed into the new state it can be confusing. Keep up the spiritual exercises and practices. Keep following your intuition and heart.

Keep up the good work!

Healing the Planet from Within…. it only takes one drop of consciousness at a time.

We are all unique. We are all One.