What does that mean?


What does it mean?

Well, if you Google “sovereign citizen movement” you’ll find all sorts of heated arguments, mocking articles, and determined people. Some of my dearest friends follow the sovereignty movement. Some have sent back their driver’s license and birth certificate to claim that they are indeed alive.

I also know a well-respected man who walks the earth with bare feet 90% of the time because it speaks to him.  But that’s a different story.

Did I sign up?

Signing up to any belief system is not my thing. After all, the whole purpose of my project Healing the Planet from Within is to untangle oneself from beliefs. Any form of a belief system tends to limit one from thinking in different ways.

Signing up to a particular belief system is a good reason to hate, dislike and argue with other human beings. It’s a fact shown throughout history. You can look at any religion – take for example – last night I was watching a Doctor Who episode which portrayed the time when India and Pakistan were split into two different countries AND two different religions. The people one day were neighbours and working the land together, and the next day they were enemies.

Fascinating, really. How a belief can make people hate each other.

So why am I talking about Sovereignty?

Sovereignty has a different meaning to me than what exists in the physical world.

In it’s basic form the word sovereignty means “the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.” (Wikipedia, 2018).

To me this means: Having a mind of your own. Following your heart. Not subscribing to belief systems. Expanding your consciousness.

IF you were to step into a belief system about sovereignty, or anything else, you are once again being influenced by outside sources or bodies – people telling you this and that and the other thing. And that’s not the definition of SOVEREIGNTY.

It’s quite humorous actually. Crazy wisdom some Hidden Yogis call this form of realisation.


The Western World often twists meanings into working within social constructs.

For instance, when Reiki travelled to the Western world it became about healing the physical body. The true nature of Reiki was spiritual expansion… expanding consicousness.

So, if one can take the definition of sovereignty to spirituality you get something like,

I know my true nature as an infinite, expansive multi-dimensional being. The thoughts in my head are not my own. The feelings in my heart come from my higher self. I am a non-physical being experiencing a physical reality.