Unlock Secrets of Healing – Heal the Whole You.

……for Dedicated People Who are Tired of Struggling and Seek Sacred Knowledge of How to Expand Their Consciousness

 ➜ In this program participants will be guided through an exploration of evidence from a combination of science and ancient healing methods that have proven how our thoughts and emotions affect our energetic vibrations, which in turn affects our physical body system, chakras, mental health, emotional well-being and spiritual progress.

➜ Participants will gain an understanding of the physical and emotional effects of trauma, as well as the underlying causes of many diseases to avoid future complications.

➜ They will learn the importance of emotional balance, and it’s importance to maintain chakra health and a vital energetic system for restorative health.

➜ Participants will gain knowledge of the body’s energetic healing process, and the role of the psyche in disease.

➜ Participants will learn how intense or prolonged emotions cause imbalance in the organs and the physical body system as a whole. 

What is the meaning of integrated healing?

There are too many diluted healing systems that only focus on one aspect of healing, whereas our physical health is part of a larger system. This is why people continue to struggle to heal their physical bodies, mental health, improve their emotional well-being and achieve life balance.

The integrative approach to healing acknowledges all of these factors and employs them to restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Integrated healing is based on the premise that the human body, mind and emotions are interconnected, and that all aspects of a person must be address for a person to achieve true healing.

In addition, to achieve this integrated healing approach and perspective, we draw upon knowledge from a variety of sources in science and ancient times to gain a broader understanding of what causes the body to become ill or diseased, what causes us to feel emotions such as anger or frustration, and what keeps us stuck in sabotaging patterns.  


Meet Santosha,

I am dedicated to helping people understand the system of healing in an empowering and life-transforming way. I believe that providing an understanding of the system of healing and its components is essential for individual sto access their own inner power and creating last transformation.

It would be incredible if everyone on earth knew how to heal themselves. Imagine a world in which everyone had access to the knowledge and experience to observe their emotions in a way that healed their organs, thereby restoring the health of their entire physical body and energetic system. 

is this Course right for You?

The Integrated Healing program is designed for individuals who are deeply committed to gaining a deeper understanding of healing and are dedicated seekers of knowledge.

They are prepared to investigate the scientific evidence and ancient practices that support healing.

They are eager to gain a deeper understanding of the research and techniques through self-application.