Intention Creates Karma

One of the Dhamma talks at Doi Suthep temple at the 10 day vipassana meditation sit was about how your intentions behind an action creates your karma. You are the only one who could know what’s going on in your mind.

I recall such a time when spirit spoke strongly to me with this same message. I was in the middle of North Australia where dry red dessert was for miles beside the road. Nothing was offering any form of entertainment and there was alot of natural noble silence! I was alone and at times there was up to five hours between petrol stations and a cool drink.

Occasionally something would be interesting, like a bird in the sky. One time there was a dead bird on the road. My Aboriginal Elder friend had collected some beautiful whole wings of birds off road kill. It’s a normal thing to do in the Australian Bush. I pulled over, turned my van around and went to look at this corpse of the bird. Fairly fresh, maybe a day or two. Definitely dead. I proceeded to tear off a wing and found it to be particularly difficult. Not what I thought. Must be a trick to it. Put my foot on the body while talking to the bird. Nothing gave. That’s when I heard a voice in my mind.


I stopped.

My intention?

I searched my heart. It was because I wanted to show my friend. It looked nice. I could not think of a good reason.


I did not. I felt rather embarrassed. Here I was taking a piece of this beautiful creature’s dead body, for no reason other than wanting it. Like I was programmed by society to just take, buy, when you wanted.

Spirit of the land taught me INTENTIONS that day, and I’ve never forgotten it. If I was whole hearted in my need for these feathers it would have come with me.

It was fascinating to hear the same lesson being taught in real life stories in a Buddhism Dhamma Talk.

It seems to be a mutual understanding across the spiritual realm. If you have the right intention walking on Aboriginal land you’ll be able to hear it and remain safe. And if you have good intentions in your day to day actions then you’ll receive good karma.

The Dhamma teacher also mentioned carelessness, as it causes bad karma too.

The overall message here is to become familiar with silence and quiet your mind so you can become more familiar with the feelings and intentions inside yourself before you take action, or do anything.

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