This is not so much an eloquent blog than it is a true story of a mind that’s not so sure.

The writings you read are not truth but rather a simple perspective of a time that existed and passed. No thought or belief remains the same unless one puts a focus on keeping it the same – and what fun would that be.

There’s a new flavour to this blog. You might notice the subtlety if you’re a regular reader. You see, the writings up until now have been rather factual – simply stating things as they are in a reality you’re familiar with.

The introduction of a change is indeed factual, yet in a bland way.

The newness is something that cannot be shared in words in its exactness. However, if I were to word this new thread in the blog it would have to be something along the lines of ZEN.  But don’t let that stick in your mind as truth.

The perspective you read in this blog are not truth – not mine or yours. There’s no such thing as truth really, except for what you make of it.

The depth we travel to is unknown. In the unknown to be exact. There is no rhyme or reason – or anything that you can stick your mind to to believe in or realise. It’s simply void of all this.

But it’s written in words – so there’s something for you.