Nitmilik is the Jawoyn name for Katherine Gorge. The Jawoyn people are now the Traditional Owners of the National Park. For more information on the Jawoyn tribes please visit this website.

I went on one of the Gorge Cruises where you hear stories of the land and the people. The scenery was spectacular and sometimes we would just sit in the boat and be in awe with what was around us.

I felt very blessed to be in Nitmilik but unfortunately I was on a cruise with a non-Indigenous tour guide – so the tour wasn’t as fascinating as I hoped it would be.

You see, for me it doesn’t make much sense to listen to a non-Indigenous person tell you about the Indigenous Dreamtime stories – it has no heart if you like. But either way the scenery was amazing and it was an honour to be in this ancient country that still feels very powerful.

As we floated in the deep green pools of the second Gorge we were told a story about the RAINBOW SERENT Bolung that inhabits this Gorge.

The Aboriginals don’t take fish or water from this area otherwise Bolung may bring lightning or Monsoonal floods. And even still today when they catch fish they bring some fish to these waters and give them to Bolung. Quite fascinating sitting in a little boat that hovered on top of a large creature such as that.

I love Dreamtime stories. 🙂