WOW! What an amazing inspiration to see this proud and strong culture perform their dances! It was truly a blessing.

With tonnes of excitement I arrived early at the festival grounds. With bull dust wafting through the land as the cars started to arrive I walked around to discover where the best place was to camp for the duration of the festival. The mob at the front gate said it would be packed, so I figured that I needed to park in a good place asap.

Mick was the head security man’s son – and hence, through him I met Warren (the head security guy) and his dog Bull (OH! This Pit Bull is soooo gorgeous and the kids loved him to bits!).

Warren invited me to camp behind the security team and this was a huge bonus for me because there was full shade there, AND I was offered to share their food, AND I would feel extra secure, and of course, meet some pretty awesome people! Here’s a pic of Jeannie (the chef who made amazing meals both over and under the coals) and Krissy (a very powerful security guard woman!). Both awesome women!

Well, staying with the security team was a great addition to see all the awesome Bama dancers! I was really impressed with how each mob had all ages dancing including Elders – all the way down to a 1 year old little girl. Such a strong culture with powerful community vibes!

Here’s a video of some of the performances. I apologise for the poor camera quality. It’s not the best quality and at times I was holding the camera above heads.

There were about 4,000 people that went to the festival this year. Both non-Indigenous and Indigenous enjoyed the amazing atmosphere. Myself included! I made some great connections at this festival that is leading to gaining more cultural knowledge.