On January 4th of this year someone on Facebook sent me a private message saying, “I was really moved by your post and the rock art that you posted is deep in my dreaming”. Now you can imagine my excitement when someone is talking DREAMING! That’s Indigenous Australian language and I hunger to hear more.

And he says, “The painting on your Facebook is my Ancestral line blessings. Wanjinnarh lightning mob.” (or otherwise spelled as Wandjina). A few more messages later he continues, “As soon as I saw the post, strong dreaming came to my presence.”

Then he messages, “That’s your dreaming, lightning mob”, and he refers to me as Wanjinnarh woman.

WHOAH! Wait a minute!

I have a dreaming?

That can be detected over Facebook?

What are the Wandjina?

What’s his connection to the dreaming?

He says he has done an initiation with one of the mobs…..

…..hhmmm…. I’m still wondering.

Well, it’s something to research. I find through Google that the Wanjina are the “most powerful image of the Kimberley rock art found in the caves of North-West Western Australia”.

(I think it probably best if I put a link here for you to read more.)

At this stage I don’t fully understand what this means, but I’m pretty determined to learn the truth.

One website refers to a Lighting Wanjina – in the Kimberly region.

But the Lightning Man Namarrgon dreaming comes from Arnhem land.

So, what does it mean to have a lightning dreaming? Who are this mob?