What an adventure I’ve had!

Looking over my blog of 2+ years I’m reminded of all the amazing places I’ve been around Australia…. And the world!

Australia :


  • Did a 30 day detox meditation, yoga naturopathy training with Ananda Marga in the Philippines.
  • Then got aTEFL and Tesol certification and taught English in China for a year.
  • Then I went to Thailand at Doi Suthep temple meditation center and did a 10 day Vipassana meditation sit with Mindfulness training with a Thai Buddhist Monk.
  • After Thailand I spent 4 months travelling around India: Varanasi, Pondicherry, Auroville and most of the time in the holy city of Rishikesh where I did my 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Meditated in sacred spots such as the Matrimandir in Auroville, the Kriya Yoga Hall in Rishikesh, the Vasishta Cave and in the presence of the Dalai Lama… sometimes up to two hours!

But the most amazing adventure is just starting…

You see, I’ve discovered that meditation leads to a world inside that is so expansive you can’t even fathom it.

I can’t fathom it.

It just feels expansive.meditate - healing the planet from within

My personal meditation style has an eclectic feel to it. It’s more like shifting into a trance state. I quickly go into a no mind state, especially using some of my favourite practices such as mudras and chanting.

I learned alot about meditation at the Ananda Marga centre in the Philippines. The chant Baba Nam Kevalum really leaves one with a high making meditation easy. It was also a sattvic diet: vegetarian with no onions, garlic and mushrooms. Throughout the month we were on a graduated fasting program too. I learned a lot there about how to prepare the body and mind for going deeper into meditation. Still today I avoid onions, garlic and mushrooms.

Then in India I learned about the 8 Limbs of Patanjali which is the concise formula to expand consciousness and become lightened, from the waking state to the higher degree of human consciousness. Absolutely incredible to know that someone wrote the exact process of enlightenment!

Throughout all my experiences and training I’ve gathered some valuable techniques and knowledge to enhance meditation and spiritual development. For instance, yesterday afternoon I had this strong calling – don’t know how else to call this urge from inside – to meditate. A big presence joined me and guided me through a process of healing issues I have been asking to see more clearly and transform.

My journey continues and I haven’t a clue why I’m going where I’m going next, but I’ll let you know when I do. 😉

I’d like to put all my knowledge together into one solid 3-6 months retreat style.

So, I’m looking for a place I can call home for three months that is somewhat isolated but with a few people around who are supportive, not hugely expensive – maybe even free if I can find a comfortable cave somewhere (er, without too many critters!), with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for a detox.

Can you make a recommendation? So far I’ve been suggested to go to a mountaintop in Nepal and volunteer as an English teacher, and to South India in Kerala where there’s a small community doing full sadhana practice.

If you’ve meditated someplace before that might be perfect for me please do get in contact. You can send me a private message on my CONTACT page.

I’ll be forever grateful!