Do you want answers from your spirit guides?

Do you need guidance about which job to take, or whether your partner is good for you?

Would you like to feel happier and more satisfied in life?

Meditation. Meditation. Meditation.

You’ll find all this AND MORE when you start an easy going meditation routine.

Easy going meditation routine?

Definitely! If you’re feeling pressured or stressed out about doing meditation it defeats the purpose. Let me explain.





Imagine for a moment you’re in a normal daily routine and it’s morning. Your alarm clock buzzes and you get out of bed to turn it off, the kids are already fighting so you go to tend to them, you make them breakfast, drink coffee, brush your teeth, kiss your partner, and go to work. Then your work day is pretty much the same routine of paperwork, computer work, and meetings – with lunch quickly swallowed in between. Perhaps your normal day is different than this. Perhaps you don’t have kids or a partner, yet you still have a daily routine. At the end of the day you’re feeling stressed, exhausted and you just want to sleep – but instead you curse and swear and grumble about having to do meditation. So, you sit down on your special meditation pillow you bought on Ebay and, with a scowled frown upon your forehead, sit quietly for 10 minutes before you notice your head nodding off, and then take yourself to bed.

Any alarm bells ringing for you?

Anything you do in a state of negativity remains in negativity.

How to Meditate:

Yes, it’s true that meditation can and will gently guide you into positivity, give you the answers your need as well as peace and happiness. BUT, it has to become a sacred practice for you. So, you shuffle around your schedule a bit so that everyone in the family knows that THIS HALF HOUR is your time to meditate. You don’t have to meditate for the entire 30 minutes, but it gives you time to settle into this quiet space. Perhaps that 30 minutes comes more easily in the morning, or more easily at lunch or more easily in the evening. Do whatever works for you.

Sit in your sacred space and close your eyes. Take three deep slow breaths filling up your abdomen and chest with air. It takes some practice to ensure the air is going all the way down to the abdomen, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Breathing breath to your abdomen massages and energising your internal organs. Look up the Wim Hof Method for more added benefits to deep breathing!

Imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful place and really relax into that positivity vibe of PEACE. Do this for 5-15 minutes.

It’s that easy!

(Keep in mind that I’m available for meditation coaching if you need me!)

My Favourite Meditations

My favourite and most powerful meditations have been in nature. I’m not sitting cross-legged, but rather I’m sitting on a log or a rock… or wandering aimlessly in a trance state. I talk to the trees, rocks and plants. Some of them hold ancient knowledge – centuries of juicy good information. Some people feel more power when they are in a natural stream or waterfalls. Some feel the most deep peaceful meditations while sitting in a hammock and feeling the cool breeze on a hot summer day. You can also meditate with animals as they easily tap into the essence of living in the present moment.

How to Get Messages from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Once you have obtained a great meditation routine messages from your spirit guides and higher self will come automatically. I also offer individual coaching sessions to help people go deep into meditation and understand when and how spirit guides speak.

If you’d like a session please use the contact form here. I’m very reasonably priced because I really love the work.

You can also heal your body with meditation!

There’s sooo much more that I’ve created a meditation workshop for those who are interested in deepening their meditation practice.

CONTACT ME here for more information.