Mindful Awareness is a technique of being attentive in the present moment, but is also a way to form a healthy relationship with yourself. It is in mindfulness you can become your own best friend.

I love the mindfulness state of being. It feels serene and blissful throughout my body, mind and soul.

When I take time to shift into a state of mindfulness I connect with my inner being – in India they refer to this as the Inner Guru. It’s as if time and space has shift and I’m in a different reality of being that speaks in my mind with a sense of knowing.

In Mindful Awareness you can expand your understanding of your internal working and through this active awareness learn to respect and accept your entire being-ness.

You see, you are creating all the time. Your thoughts and feelings create an energy vibration that creates your now moment and how your future will unfold. If you’re doing good things – good things will come to you. If you’re having bad thoughts – bad situations will come to you.

The PRESENT MOMENT – right now – where you are existing with your thoughts and feelings – CREATE YOUR REALITY – create an energy vibration that sends a rippling affect throughout the entire consciousness of the planet.

Mindfulness is Necessary

Mindfulness of your thoughts and feelings is necessary in personal development techniques to positively change your life. Mindfulness is necessary for Healing the Planet from Within. Mindfulness is necessary to shift sabotaging core beliefs that hinder you from getting that job you want or increasing your finances. Mindfulness is necessary so that you don’t suppress negativity emotions such as regret or anger – causing cancer later in life. Mindfulness is necessary so you don’t react to other people’s negative thoughts or patterns – and realising they too are living a life as they know it, just like you.

Mindful Awareness is the first step you must take on the path to Healing the Planet from Within.

How do I become more Mindful?

I always recommend an empowering personal development technique to start with: a Thought Diary. This is where you write down your thoughts for 5-10 minutes each day for a minimum of 7 days – ideally up to 21 days. Be sure to write down everything that you are thinking – including if you start thinking, “This is stupid. Why am I doing this?” – write it down. And then continue writing down your thoughts. This process helps you become familiar the the habitual thought patterns that frequent you mind. Then you can start to flick the negative ones to positive ones – like flicking on a lightbulb.

Through this process you start to identify the negative, and put in positive. It’s that easy.

Don’t over think it.

Thoughts are not yours! They aren’t truth!

You can change them.

Mindfulness Awareness is a great start on your personal development journey of Healing the Planet from Within.

Uplifting your energy vibes!