The Mungalla Station is definitely a must to experience, and what I mean by experience is to stay for Mungalla station - indigenous aboriginal corporationawhile on the land and get to know the people. I’m hugely impressed with the community vibe here and how everyone works together to create an ideal situation for people of all races to experience the Indigenous culture.

“Today, the Mungalla Aboriginal Business Corporation and its parent body the Nywaigi Aboriginal Land Corporation which holds title to Mungalla Station have a  mandate to improve the economic and social position of our people.  We have chosen to achieve these aims by sharing the rich history and culture of Mungalla Station with you through our tours.”

During the week I was there they had around 20 Indigenous students staying on the property who go to school in town daily to learn Tourism or Hospitality.

They also had 2 tour groups come through who went on their Aboriginal Cultural Tour – find out more by clicking here. The first tour group of more than 50 students was from OHIO University.

students from ohio at mungalla station ingham

On the tours you’ll learn the history and culture of the Mungalla Station where you are introduced to Nywaigi Aboriginal culture. Here you can examine ancientartefacts and try your hand at throwing a boomerang.

Indigenous artefacts at Mungalla Station Ingham

indigenous aboriginal artefacts at mungalla station

Indigenous artefacts at Mungalla Station Ingham 2

The Mungalla Station also has an amazing Captive Lives exhibition that tells the story of how two groups of Indigenous people from the area were taken to America and Europe in the 1880s and 1890s to be exhibited at the Chigago World Fair, circuses and curiosity shows.

Since I was there for the week I had the delight and pleasure of speaking with the Nywaigi traditional owners. What an honour!

I’m truly inspired by this place! The people and the land feel so alive here!

I have plans to return, and I hope you feel inspired to visit them too: