It was a few years ago I wrote these personal development books. It was such a strange moment in time for me. I was studying at University Counselling and Psychology theories and finding similarities between the process they suggest to heal your life and the channelled being’s named Lazaris. It was fascinating to explore InnerWork from and gain valuable Personal Development Insights.

But as I studied I also applied the practices to my own life and noticed that YES INDEED it was possible to change my thought patterns and relieve anxiety AND it was possible to find sabotaging core beliefs and transform them. I have a few good stories to share with you one day!

So, I started to consciously steer my life in a direction I wanted it to go and then REALISED….

Yes, Yes, Yes!…..

I truly believe that if everyone became intimately aware of their habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and hidden core beliefs and then use these incredible personal development tools to align the patterns to a life they love…. uplifting their energies to a healthy positivity ratio…. well, the world would be a different place…. …. Healing the Planet from Within.

So, I wrote a book called Healing the Planet from Within… and THEN, I wrote a matching  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKBOOK (that matches the reader). This easy to use personal development workbook takes you on a delightful and incredible inner journey that positively improves your life and expands consciousness.

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healing the planet from within workbook on amazon