If you’ve been following my blog you would have noticed that I mentioned my previous thyroid problem. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few years ago. Hypothyroidism is an exhausting dis-ease that rattles with your brain making you feel as though life is a burden.

Then, deep inside of me I had a magnet pull to travel NORTH. North Australia was beckoning me with much persistence, and so my journey (and this blog) started.

As I mentioned before that I saw a healer who performed a healing on me and that’s when the HYPOthyroidism flipped to HYPERthyroidism.

Geez, that was weird. But then I went to my trusty Chinese Herbalist who suggested I go on some DETOXING HERBS. I followed his suggestions with food and herbs for a month and then went back for another blood test.

My thyroid was functioning normally!

Now,  it was about 2008 since I was diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM and since then I was on Chinese herbs which successfully kept the dis-ease at bay, but did not heal it.

After I saw the medicine man the thyroid flipped – and my guess is that’s because I was soooo focused on the HYPO part with my diet, thinking and doing that it just flipped automatically to the other side. After a detox it regulated.

I had a blood test performed twice with the same results. My thyroid is now healed.

How does that feel to me? Well, I feel like my teenage self again. Sure, I still have the usual hormonal influxes as a woman, and yes I’ll still nap if I have a cold/flu and want to recover quickly… but I do not have the deeply exhausted depressed feeling I used to.

I rather enjoyed the doctor’s questioning… “how did you do that?”… and he looked again at the results… “where you on any _____ (chemical)?” NO, I replied. “Did you take iodine?” “What foods did you eat?” He looked again at the results. In his mind it is just not possible.

My advice to you.

IF you are sick in any way that the medical industry deems “permanent” – seek another opinion. Illness and dis-ease are only energy patterns. A skilled practitioner, who works with energies, can see these and remove the sabotaging pattern.

Ideally, find someone who has been trained through their generations. 🙂

I’ve witnessed Westeners oozing with negativity offer a “reiki” healing to someone, and me who is sensitive to energies would stay far far away from them.

(PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, it’s important for me to tell you, that sometimes thyroids do weird things and this could just be a coincidence. The thyroid could flip back to hypo at any time, and is currently under the watchful eye of a Doctor.)

NOTE FROM 2021: In January I had my thyroid tested again, and it still remains normal.

SIDE NOTE FROM 2021: I have now become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I’ve heard of other stories of people who have healed themselves of Hashimotos using this Energy Healing System. From my experience, it is very similar to how Medicine Men and Women and Shamanic works. Or, at least the way I’m using it. 😉