When I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand in July 2019 I met a young woman who felt into my nature and called me a Modern Mystic. I sat with the title for a few months until I started to ponder….

Am I a Modern Mystic?

What’s the definition of a Modern Mystic?

I Googled and a dictionary definition told me this,

“A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.”

A Hindu definition of Mystic from the Collins Dictionary states,

“A mystic is a person who believes in religious practices in which people search for truth, knowledge, and unity with God through meditation and prayer.”

In the Oprah Magazine online they discuss what author Mirabai Starr says about mysticism. To briefly sum up: being a Mystic means that one transcends beliefs systems, lets go of the ego, turns inwards and experiences the divine, and has mystical experiences.

The definitions of a Mystic seems to match my experiences, especially the ones that mention Shamanism and Magick. If you’re a follower of my blog you would have witnessed a few mystical moments in my life. But recently, since my 4 months in India, the connection with source has deepened to the point that I crave meditation daily. So, my journey continues with same craving and magnet pull I was feeling years ago when I went to North Australia… but the feeling this time draws me inwards.

When lockdown occurred in Australia, about the 1st of April, I found myself stuck in one place (not nomadic). I stayed in a tent for two months and did some online work, but most importantly I delved more deeply into my understanding of Mysticism and HOW to teach this journey to others who started craving it.

How could I teach people about their journey of awakening and how to raise their vibration? I was inspired by my already published books and things fell into place very quickly.


mysteries of a modern mystic course - motivationOn the 1st of June I released the MYSTERIES OF A MODERN MYSTIC ONLINE COURSE and now have 17 people in the JUNE course.

I’m giving it a test run and seeing how everyone is fitting in with the material in the course. One person left the course because she knows everything in it so far (4 days of material – yes, we start from the beginning of intentions and thought awareness!). She joined the group because she’s at the beginning stages of her awakening and wants to learn more. Yet, learning about how to wield your thoughts to build your power and create your reality was already known to her? I’m baffled. Certainly if she could do that she would have the knowledge to magnetise anything, and wouldn’t need to step into a course. Hence, I’m going to take on the assumption that she found the topic of thoughts and feelings boring and mundane. Yet, that’s how you create your reality!

After day 5 we start going deeper and deeper into the practice. Without a solid foundational knowledge and ability to STOP a negative thought or feeling one can’t successfully step into chakra healing or psychic shielding. You’d be vulnerable to attack from the lower energies.

We talk about these kind of things in the course: ENERGY VIBES, how to FEEL INTO IT if something or someone is right for you, how to CLEAR YOUR CHAKRAS and align them to a higher energy vibration, talk to your SPIRIT GUIDES, create a PSYCHIC SHIELD, grounding, energy work, Reiki Symbols and Kotodama, and so on.

But we start with the basics of thought awareness and positivity. Some people might think this is boring, but I crave to take people very deep into the practice… and to go deeper the one thing you must do (as said Starr mention above) is to transcend beliefs and with that are thought patterns, feelings, emotions and attitudes. So to me that’s the most exciting part… because once you have the knowledge and ability to change that (Personal Template) you’re off and running and able to create your life as you desire!!

I guess not everyone is ready, and that’s ok.

I’d love to see the course have a SNOWBALL affect so I can help many people raise their energy vibration and step into full power. I think it’s a great time on earth to do that, don’t you?

More information and to purchase the course CLICK HERE.

The course is for 21-Days and we start on the 1st of every month. The platform is on Facebook with videos, a workbook/worksheets every day to fill in, Q & As, and online meetings that really bring the group together.

It’s certainly not for people who want to just sit back and soak in material… you’ll need to be actively involved!

If it sounds like something you crave please do join me on this sacred journey! LIKE the student reviews on our INSTAGRAM PAGE: https://Instagram.com/healingtheplanetfromwithin.com