Have you ever thought about becoming a Spiritual and Intuitive Healer?

Do you desire to help people heal?

The Mysteries of a Modern Mystic Academy offers a dynamic and complete 12-Week Certification program that will teach you all you need to do know to become a powerful Spiritual and Intuitive Healer.

Hi! My name is Carmen SantoshaJi and I’ve been into Mysticism for over 20+ years. In fact, as a child I could hear an Inner Guru inside my head… and this guided me on a fascinating journey of healing and miracles!

I wrote the book, “Healing the Planet from Within” years ago and still today I’m doing the practices… AND, I’ve deepened them.

What will you learn in this certification program?

… in random order….

  1. How to heal your clients using a variety of different practices, including EnergyWork.
  2. ShadowWork
  3. Healing Chakras
  4. How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides
  5. How to make the Thoughts in your Mind Stop
  6. How to focus your intentions on healing and manifesting
  7. How to tell others what you do and marketing
  8. Psychic Shielding
  9. How to create the ideal healing space
  10. How to do intuitive readings
  11. How to heal trauma bonds
  12. How to release stuck emotions in your and your client’s body
  13. How to call in the Angels during a Healing Session
  14. …. and so much more!!

You’ll also receive:

BONUS: MP3 meditations

BONUS: Personal development worksheets

So, if you’re ready to step into full power as a Divine Goddess and Spiritual and Intuitive Healer and accept clients in person or ONLINE…..