I would NEVER buy Australian Aboriginal art from a shop!! It’s usually made in China from Aborigina

native creations boomberang

l designs which is such a shame because there is ORIGINAL ARTWORK to purchase where you get to meet the people who are passionate about their culture and their art. Or shops sell Aboriginal artwork at increased prices and give the artist a small commission. When you buy directly from the Aboriginal artist you give them 100% of the money!

It was such a delight to meet Garth and Edith at the Cairns beachside markets. They proudly shared their amazing Austalian Aboriginal artwork and I was inspired to stay in contact with them.

The Native Creations team are descendants of the Guru-Gulu Gungandji and Djabugay Aboriginal clans. They create amazing authentic handcrafted Aboriginal art including the usual boomerangs, clapsticks and didgeridoos.

clap sticks aboriginal australian

But they also have some original Australian Aboriginal artwork that I’ve never seen before in shops such as fire sticks.

“Fire sticks come from the beach hibiscus. I also make the traditional fire stick holder. Use pandanus leaves to wrap and press bees wax to stick it. Decorate it with red sandalwood seeds or giddy giddy. This keeps the fire stick dry.”

Native Creations is located in Babinda, just South of Cairns. Garth and Edith are happy to show you their original – one of a kind! – Australian Aboriginal artwork. You can get in contact with them by going to their website www.nativecreations.com.au
The things I like about Native Creations is that they make real TRIBAL pieces. Garth has makes SHIELDS and CROSS Boomerangs – now these are sacred tribal boomerangs made only in the local area for certain clans – hence, there are no pictures of them here. However, you can purchase them by going to Native Creations in Babinda. You would never find this type of Australian Aboriginal artwork in shops – this is real true original pieces made by an Aboriginal man.

native creations aboriginal artwork
They even sell EMU CALLERS. Have you ever heard the sound of an Emu? It makes a popping gulping glugging sound. I don’t really know how to explain it. Well, Garth makes Emu Callers where you can make the sound of an Emu. These were used to attract Emus for hunting.
ALSO, Estelle creates these amazing ancestral paintings! Just blew my mind away! She is an Aboriginal woman from the Djabugay tribe from the Kuranda area, inland from Cairns. Estelle has been painting seriously for over 25 years and now enjoys far-reaching recognition for her work. Her style is traditional Djabugay in its origins.
Estelle is such a creative person and even makes her own t-shirt designs. Check this one out! She’s wearing one of my favourite designs.
estelle from native creations

When you visit Native Creations you’ll also get the BONUS of hearing Aboriginal stories. Garth was telling me – and showing me – the SAP (what they call Chulcutl) which comes from a tree with a pink flower (They know how to identify it by sight. No name). This sap can be processed in a way that it becomes a bush glue! Go figure! Glue in the bush!

bush glue


Bush string comes off the bark off the same tree as the sap. Strip, platt and roll it to make bush string or rope or fishing line. Why do we even bother with hardware stores? 🙂

bush string

So, when you’re travelling through Babinda (a popular free camping spot for caravans and backpackers in Queensland) stop in and see Native Creations Australian Aboriginal artwork and meet the lovely Garth and Estelle!

Located in Babinda, just south of Cairns, Native Creations is a family-run business owned by Garth Murgha (muka) and Estelle Tranby (yoongali).

Here’s their website – just in case you missed it above. 🙂