Today I carry a heavy heart. Uncle was living with liver cancer for a few years. Doctors did radiation therapy and were successful removing it – but it grew back. They tried natural therapies of tablets and healthy eating – without much improvement.

He was a kind and gentle man who welcomed anyone into his home with compassion and love. He passed away this morning.

It was about 6 months ago I met this beautiful family – when I first started my journey to North Australia. The first day I met them I felt as though I fit in some how. Not sure how – but it felt good – sense of belonging. The grandchildren are absolutely adorable and I love them to bits. So cute! The warmth I felt from this family is more-ish.

Back home death and funerals are different than here. An open coffin is an option. I remember getting eeeby-jeeby vibes about seeing a dead person. People don’t mourn openly – they do it quietly and privately. I don’t recall going to a funeral.

Today I mourned openly.

Today I experienced a deep deep sadness that felt whole and complete and real. I didn’t have to hide my emotions. I didn’t have to be happy and pretend that everything would be ok. Today I was allowed to feel sad.

I’m still very sad.

This blog is to pay my respects and give my love to Uncle and Aunty and their family.