Reflecting on my journey so far I’ve been amazed to see/feel how much I’ve changed.

I’ve had some amazing bush adventures with Willie Gordon from Guurrbi Tours including eating bush lollies (I’ll blog about that one soon so you can try them for yourself one day!), sitting in caves with ancient Aboriginal rock art, holding a frilled neck lizard, swimming in a secret waterfalls location, fishing in the grandest of rivers, learning how to look at the bush like a grocery store (I’ll blog more on that one day too) and even re-learning how to fish.

I’ve experienced places of great power that made my whole body vibrate with an energy so great I could not stop smiling.

In the past few months I’ve walked with land with the last Medicine Man on the North East Coast of Australia.

I’ve listened to ancestors doing Corroboree (where Aboriginal Australians interact through dreamtime through dance, music and costume) in the middle of the night.

The Laura Festival opened my mind up to realising the great power and pride of the Indigenous people of Australia. Here I learned about the Quinkin in the Dreamtime.

I’ve learned that not all Indigenous people remember or practice their ancient culture and ways of living in community. I’ve personally experienced racism and do not understand why it exists on the planet.

I continue to ponder on Malidoma’s book “Of Water and Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman.” 

The Ancestral Power book by Lynne Hume always intrigues me. Sometimes I just pick up her book to read another fascinating story of magic and power in Indigenous culture. How do Aboriginal people use certain techniques for entering altered states of consciousness or even fly? It’s all very fascinating to me.

My journey continues to expand as my experiences shift and change. I’m loving the freedom of this journey. I know where I’ve been, and that there are many more experiences to come.

Next, I seek knowledge from a certain Medicine Woman who is yet to reveal herself.