As a young girl/woman I sat in silence for hours writing words onto paper in that reflective state. I kept those poems for 30+ years. Just before starting this journey to travel North I burnt them all. They were in a red flip folder I used to take to school. The red flip folder had my doodles on it and felt very homey to me -familiar is what I like to call that cozy warm feeling. It was weird to burn that familiar. A releasing of the old to welcome the new – perhaps that’s what it was.

One of those poems I wrote after spending a couple of hours at the beach on the edge of Lake Huron. The poem didn’t rhyme but it held a deep state of reflection for me.

“I sit on a rock and I’m a part of it. I stare out to sea… “

I’ve always had these states of deep reflection available to me. They come more readily when I’m idling in nature without any agenda. I just let my thoughts wander and it seems that in this state I feel at peace with my world and answers/solutions come easily.

I didn’t have a name for this state until I met Willie Gordon from Guurrbi Tours.

He says that the meaning of Guurrbi is:

” A time and place that I created to reflect on what I was going to do in life. Anyone can create this time and place for spiritual reflection.

My ancestors nominated an area on the land which made you feel spiritually connected to self and land. In this place of power you think about what you’re going to do and then you make a decision about what you are going to do.

meaning of guurrbi.jpg

This place of Guurrbi is sacred to me. I guess some people would call this a meditative state.  A meditation.

It’s where I reflect about my life and the expansiveness that is in the dreaming (or matrix or GodSelf – it has so many names).

Sometimes you can sit in GUURRBI with someone else. Most times you sit in Guurrbi by yourself and this is when really good things come to you.

How many times have you sat or been in Guurrbi?