Reiki can be defined as a method for working with the Cosmic Consciousness to move stagnant and stuck energies, to create flow in energetic patterns, so the physical body can heal itself.

When seeking a deeper understanding of Reiki we find that the word Rei is defined as Higher Intelligence that guides the creation of our reality and the world around us. It is infinite and all knowing. The word Ki, is also known as prana, is non-physical energy that permeates all things. When one’s Ki is flowing and high they feel confident, healthy and strong. We receive Ki from the air, sunshine, food, sleep as well as through meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).

When you become attuned to Reiki through the empowerment procedure you are tuning your energies.

What is Reiki, history?

In the early 1900s a Japanese man, Mikao Usui, was teaching what he called “a method for achieving personal perfection” (that is, Self-realisation).

This is a way of awakening the Reiki within us; a way of immediately activating the connection to Source. Some say he had travelled to India and learned their ancient practices and pranic healing methods. While others say Usui discovered the practice through meditation, martial arts and other such energy exercises. I expect both to be true although I’ve yet to sight a source.

We can forever consider the history of Reiki … or we can just be grateful for the Reiki method, and use it to transform our lives. After all, these methods are not all that easy to find or grasp.

Reiki is one path a person can move quickly through the transformation process that may have taken years. It’s a way of spiritual advancement. Even so, Reiki – as is the complete practice of Yoga – is considered to be a lifelong practice.

So, What IS Reiki??

When I was given my first Reiki healing, and soon after, initiation (1998), I felt that I had been connected to my real self.

It was a feeling I had been unconsciously craving, but when I felt it I knew I had to have it. The image that comes to mind is a warm homecoming by the Divine Source. I felt more at home in this world and in my body, than I ever did before.

For the first several years that I practiced Reiki. The feeling of Source fascinated me. I could hear it speak to me in waves of energy, and I had a sudden knowing. All I had to do was direct a question inside myself and listen inwardly.

Over the years this relationship with the Divine Cosmic Consciousness has become a familiar friend, inner Guru, best buddy, wisest teacher, guide and wish granter.

The Source is everywhere – it creates the world, the universe, this reality. Because it is everything it knows everything. It is Infinite, Unlimited, Expansive.

But the biggest lesson it taught me is that it is ME. It makes my body, it make my food, it draws people to me, it gives me opportunities to learn and grow. AND, to deepen this, it is me… I am Source. I create my reality by consciously tapping into the Cosmic Consciousness through the method of Reiki. I direct it because I am.

The method of Reiki was a key for opening this knowledge within me.

What is Reiki attunement, Reiki empowerment, Reiki initiation?

We are all connected to Source, as we are that, but as we grow up we forget this connection. A Reiki initiation, quite simply, gives us awareness of the Reiki connection. It’s akin to turning on a light bulb in a dark room.

Is Reiki initiation really necessary?

A Reiki initiation is when the teacher performs an awakening of sorts to restore the memory of your Source connection.

It can happen naturally to some people through a variety of ways, depending on their previous life karma and practices this lifetime. Mikao Usui was a master of several martial arts and a dedicated student of many esoteric subjects. Throughout these practices and studies with other masters he was awakened, as is any Yogi.

Anyone can commit themselves to lifetimes of spiritual development, or choose to receive initiation from a master who has received it from another master.

The choice is yours. For me personally, I’m deeply grateful I was attuned to the Source energy in 1998. I was attuned again by another master in

What it does is awaken within you this feeling of aliveness so that you have access to what some call an Inner Guru.

Can you attune me to Reiki?

It is such a blessing for me to offer this service to you when you crave it.

Mikao Usui did not have levels in his method, but instead he taught his students individually according to their levels.

During an attunement process I work directly with the Cosmic Consciousness and follows its guidance as to the level of iniation you are to receive.

Mikao Usui at times gave attunements weekly to his students.

After your attunement you will receive a Reiki Manual with the basic foundational techniques to start your practice. It is suggested that you practice every day, as the energy and your connection to it will grow. It’s like making a new best friend. Staying I regular contact will grow your relationship.

You can ask me any questions as you progress in your practice. I am here to shine the light and guide you.

Contact me through Whatsapp or Skype any time and we’ll get started. My fees have not changed for 20 years, so rest assured they are quite affordable.