Snorkeling in Bali with my daughter, who is waaaaaay better at it than I, was both awe inspiring and scary.

For me it was a terrifying experience of trying to get those damn slippers working at the same time remembering to NOT breathe with my nose OR even smile….all the while staying afloat.

I panicked. My mind went blurry. It just wasn’t possible to do all that in the open sea for the first time….for a 30 minute swim!!

So, I opted for a sexy life jacket. I stayed afloat and could still work on my coordination while seeing fish. Which I’ve seen plenty of times in a fish tank anyways…why on Earth would one bother?! Haa!
My daughter was disappointed that the water was too rough – so we missed swimming with the manta rays. Now THAT would be cool.

We had some awesome divers in the crew who watched over the boat load of tourists. They were also eager to take some great pictures for us!

Snorkelling in Bali was definitely something I’m glad I did albeit the rough waters, current, difficulties co-ordinating, etc.

I think it would be good to try again in calm waters with prettier views…. like seeing manta rays